union jack stickers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by carl1613, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. does anyone have the nsn for the union jack stickers that go on green fleet vehicles

    many thanks
  2. It's actually a Union Flag, union jacks go onto those couple of floating things painted grey.

    Halfords sell them for a few quid though, will probably last longer too.
  3. i need the nsn as they are actually for our green fleet vehicles
  4. Yeah, but Union Jack sounds better and as we have taken it from our Naval heritage is more appropriate. Up until a couple of years ago you have sounded a right twat saying flag but hey thats fashion for you.
  5. Well, I now feel a twat..

    Ok it's a flag of the union, that'll do.
  6. Maybe it's the Jack flag of the Union? Anyway, loads on ebay but just watch your search words or you might end up with Jordan's pants!!:tp:
  7. Right now that you have sorted out what it is called, the NSN for the Decal-Emblem is:

    6MT1 7690 99 220 5208

    Oh, and the Flag Institutes take on the Union Flag/Jack:

    The Union Jack or The Union Flag?

  8. i love the idea of a convoy of RLC trucks each with a pair of Jordons keks stuck to the mudguards
  9. And it's a far better name for a flag than say, hmm... 'saltire'.
  10. Phone Bicester..942402052.. they will even tell you the EiQ if you ask them really nicely.. or do an item record interrogation on MJDI..
  11. 6mt4 7613 00 6754, decal, flame job, wheel arches, hummvee customisation. 6mt1 9085 99 5217, sticker, square, black, covering PO on military police decals so it reads MILITARY LICE.. Can also be used for RAF POLICE vehicles. 6MT3 8976 00 7632, DECAL, SHIT HAPPENS, FRONT AND REAR.