union jack patches on shirts

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mattrlc, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. ive watched a few videos and ive noticed that when recruits go to the qms for there kit, the combat shirts and jackets seem to have the union jack patch on, as far as i was aware and back when i joined you had to do a tour of the balkans to get that
  2. i was issued kit a couple of weeks ago and all my shirts, jackets etc have the union flag patch on.
  3. The shirts and jackets all have the UJ patch on when issued from the QMs
  4. the Balkans was where it took off as a national identifier. But as stated all jackets have them stitched on, normally in the wrong place!
  5. ah well, how times change eh
  6. Before that, AMF(L), but IIRC, it was not required to be att'd to all layers of your uniform.

    Since 1991, repeated Coalition ops combined with Cloggie soldiers wearing the same DPM as us have made the Union Flag de rigeur.
  7. The Union Flag is sewn on the "shirt" at manufacture, so they are thus issued that way, even Cadets get "shirts" with the Flag on.
  8. Nothing wrong with that mate. I hated sewing them on as they were piss small and then taking them of again when you got back from tour or posted to a place that never wore them.

    For years alot of the powers that be swayed away from them. but in our ever frequent multinational roles and not to mention the amount of Commonwealth and foreign troops in the Forces I think it is essential for the choggies to be able to ID us.

    During Operations in East Timor the Timorese had a real drama IDing initially the Gurkhas from the Indoneasian troops.

    Get big Fcuk of UJs.

  9. I was AMF(L) in the early nineties and I recall we used to wear the Union Emblem on the right arm above your rank and qualification badges, the AMF(L) patch was sewn on the left arm.

    Does anyone know why it changed from right to left? In my opinion the Union Emblem should be sewn on your rank slide and each time you are promoted you get a new one. After all Cbt95 gear was designed to have nothing sewn on it (hence the idea of a rank slide). We are loking like boy scouts with the amount of $hit sewn on our kit............Union Emlbem, TRF, Brigade flash, name tapes etc.
  10. Anyone notice the septic flashes ?

    Stars and Stripes worn on both sleeves, one flag is turned backwards.

    A pint to the 1st person who can say why.
  11. The tailor fcuked up, but no-one's noticed yet...
  12. It is turned backwards on one sleeve as the field of stars must always be advancing, hence it goes on backwards on one side.

    That is the answer that I was given, although many of them are now just wearing one the correct way around.

    Hope that answers your question. :D
  13. You Sir are correct.
  14. excellent good to see some of the info I have picked up is of use ! :D
  15. How many fcuking times....

    It is not a SHIRT. It is a Combat Jacket Lightweight.

    This sort of thinking is exactly why lads on exercise in 36 degrees of heat aren't allowed to wear their "Shirts" and plod about in Field Jackets and Smocks... cos that is the old fashioned way of combat fashion.

    Instead of wearing it out, over the waist (tropics stylee)

    Just waiting to see first person in UBACs "shirt" tucked in and stable belt worn. :roll: