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Excuse me standing in the Mess doorway, but there's also the Victory Services Club.
putteesinmyhands said:
Excuse me standing in the Mess doorway, but there's also the Victory Services Club.
Isn’t it funny, both Clubs were originally for non commissioned officers as they did not have the money to afford London Club accommodation. Of the two, I prefer the Victory Services Club, a far better location. Last time I was there PM Army was staying there as well. Times have changed, a Brigadier in an OR’s club. bloody cheapskate!

Do officers clubs offer rooms to other ranks? I should bloody cocoao.


Last time I stayed at the UJC (December), the receptionist checked that I wasn’t an officer before letting me book a room.

Perhaps she just didn’t like rupperts.
From their website http://www.ujclub.co.uk/

Welcome to
The Union Jack Club

The Union Jack Club was founded in July 1904 by Ethel McCaul, a Royal Red Cross Nurse. She wanted the soldiers, sailors and their families to have somewhere safe to stay whilst in the capital. A Military Club of their own! After all, the officers had their clubs so why shouldn’t those below commissioned rank have theirs?

Nowadays the Club is still very much a Military Club and since 1985 commissioned officers have been able to use the full facilities of the Club. However, it has also opened its doors to a variety of new areas and includes amongst its users the Emergency Services - Ambulance, Fire, Police and also the Civil Service. We have also opened our doors to authorised corporate bodies who wish to take advantage of the Clubs wonderful facilities.
Officers pay a higher rate for the UJC.
Alternatively, Join the Royal Scots Club - £70 per annum for serving and ex-serving, with reciprocal membership of the Army & Navy, Rag, RAF Club, Victory Services Club and others. Excellent for occasional visits to town.
I normally stay at the UJC for the Army v Navy game. This year, for no reason other than I fancied a change, I stayed at the VSC with my girlfriend. Never again.

The internet booking system cannot take payment online, the reservation made online was cocked-up anyway, on arrival the receptionist found then lost our booking, the room was pants, the connecting door was unable to be secured and we twice had drunken guests in the middle of the night (not so bad if they'd been invited ;-)), the duty manager was a useless fop, the restaurant is unable to cope with the number of guests (although the sausages were delicious), the decor and furnishings are tired/dirty and the bar staff were unable to pour a decent pint of Guinness. Apart from that, it was fine!

At least we won the rugby (even if it was a pants game).

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