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Have had varying success with UJC, have been a member for donkeys ears but, still get the odd 'sorry we're full' ....... as someone said, its full of Eurostar staff, Gas Board fitters and railway workers !!

Have got a life time ban from the VSC for attempting to get a bit of stuff into the single blokes accomodation and offering to take on the 'security' arrse-holes for denying me my nookie, oh well.......lol.....they wrote and told me to attend a disciplinary committee, I wrote back and told them to join the 21st Century and shove their committee up their rear ends !

Have had better luck with lastminute.com, as someone else has mentioned. You can usually get a good deal, car-parking and a place that you can walk into with a bit of skirt and not be surrounded by ex-blanket stacking gestapo.
Used to be a big fan of the UJ and, as far as the accomodation and facilities go, I've never had any complaints. It's understandable that they started letting Police, Fire Service personnel stay there - the size of today's army just wouldn't support the place with the prices as cheap as they are. I still stay when I have nowhere else to go in London but, as has been stated above, the place has really gone awry since they let everyone and his dog stay there.


How long will it be until a civilian guest complains about the military flavour of the place, the VC Roll of Honour and demand that it become more representative of the people it (now) serves?

IIRC The China Fleet Club in Hong Kong had a policy that ratings and other ranks (serving and ex) had first shout at all times. Entitled civilians and officers went on a standby list and could be bumped off it at the last minute if a rating turned up needing digs. Thay also had a bar that was for the full members only. Sound.

I can understand needing to fill rooms but I'm sure it could be filled by the Armed Forces (serving and ex). I don't even attempt to book now because I know I'll have been beaten to the last room by a Bolivian Scout Leader. How many others have just given up on the place because of the 'open door' policy?


Booked in for one night last July. Very small room and very hot so a bit uncomfortable but low price.
As for internet access - total fkn rip off - I dont know hat sevice provider they are using but it bills by the second and I remember checking e-mails cost me about £2 alone. Wtf is that all about in this day and age??? Also, security is very lax - I blagged my way past the bloke on the door who really didnt seem to give a toss wasnt asked for any ID at the front desk when I made picked up my room keys.... Hmmm central London, building supposedly full of serving and ex-forces - surely an ideal target if terrorists want to disrupt the Eurotunnel services??!

I'll shop around next time I stay in London.


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Stayed a few times at UJC, thought it was just generally pretty average. Indifferent staff, indifferent beer, indifferent scoff and poor availability. Now stay at VSC instead and I've always managed to get a room and a parking space. Rooms are functional and nothing else, can't comment on the food as I've never eaten there but restaurant always seems busy. Also, for the inevitable fearsome hangover the next day, Starbucks is opposite.
Used to stay at the UJ until about 1980, I think, then transferred loyalty to the VSC. The rooms go from strictly functional to reasonable (and they seem to have got rid of the awful showers now, and even the basic rooms have a telly and coffee-making apparatus). I lost interest in the UJ when, as everyone else above seems to be saying, I was turned away because the place was full of Nigerians or Poles or something. As well as hundreds of restaurants in the area, and Oxford St, there's a good pub just round the corner from the VSC, too; the Carpenter's.

First time I stayed at the UJ you were advised to put your boots under the bed-ends otherwise they'd be half-inched. Luxury then was a partitioned-off room, for which you paid about 30Sh (£1.50....)


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Whiskybreath, I assume that the duty nurse was called Florence too ?
I too have switched over to the VS Club. The basic rooms are just that, and make the UJ club look 5 star, but it is still a proper services club. Without sounding like a stinking of piss RO, the fact that I can relax in the company of fellow serving and ex forces people is the main reason I go to these places, and you are not going to find that at the UJ club anymore.

The membership criteria is strict, as is the door security.

Watch out for the little old lady who used to write constantly to Mrs Thatcher and thinks the PIRA tampered with her oven in an attempt to assasinate her. On no account let her join your company.


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I was there last June, It is cheaper than some of the Hotels in the area yet meets a fairly high standard, it was rebuilt nearly 20 years ago so it is a far better building than the previous one and ever thing is run at quite a high standard.


RRBBaby said:
...how far in advance does amnyone recommend booking? im going to be in london in august and someone has recommended staying there....cheers!
I've turned up there quite a few times at 4-5 in the morning totally bladdered and i've never been turned away.
The_Dragoon said:
Whiskybreath, I assume that the duty nurse was called Florence too ?
That's her. Had a nice line in starched breastwork. The one on call in the 90s was a Phillipina called Grace, and the lady turning back the covers now is an Albanian with an unpronounceable name, possibly 'Hattiejacquea'


Bringing up old topic....

Tip for anyone staying at the UJC, if you want to bring your kebab or McDonalds in, hide it from the security doorman, best to take a daysack or something, same with booze! And as for if you've pulled, take your room key out with you, then when you return, send the girl in first with the key. She can then show the key to security and they'll let her past. Then you come in and use your Army ID and just go straight up to the room! No worries if you got a double room of course though.

Don't ask how I know these things...

Oh, and I agree about the UJC though, with the Eurostar drivers and stuff, it's quite ridiculous. I think they have a deal with the UJC management, and they get free rides to Paris or something. But I think the Eurostar terminal is moving away from Waterloo soon, so this may not be a problem much longer.



There are some good constructive criticisms within this Thread - Union Jack Club

How about forwarding then under an ARRSE Letter Head to the Union Jack Club.
IrishGuard said:

There are some good constructive criticisms within this Thread - Union Jack Club

How about forwarding then under an ARRSE Letter Head to the Union Jack Club.
Bloody hell man! That sounds like you're thinking and planning and the such! Can't have any of that in the army now can we?

Seriously man, get a grip of yourself!



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For what it's worth I stayed at the UJC in May this year, because Combat Stress had fixed it for us to use it as a collecting base.

Contemplated joining but not so sure. Room WAS small and as you say place was alive with French train personnel.

Despite the great help we got from Matt Taylor on the staff there for the Combat Stress event, I think the lure of the market has meant that the ' reasonable accommodation for NCO's ' ethos has rather got lost.

I would certainly recommend it for a meeting or a seminar cos the function rooms are great. Not sure if UJ or VSC is better for an overnight.

I paid about the same for a room at the Civ Serpent Club on Saturday night and the accom was about the same.

The great thing about all three is they are very central for Whitehall etc. My best 'reasonable' commercial option was £130 (without Breakfast) in the same area.

Nearest 'basic' accomm I looked at was Holiday Inn Express in Southwark. That's very much on the Premier lodge kinda level and only a continental breakfast is offered ( no staff in the morning).

Horses for courses...if I take my wife I'll push the boat out. If I'm solo, a bed is a bed :)

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Having just returned from my 1st stay at the UJC, I wish i'd have placed a search on here before going.

Use it or lose it was my reason for choosing UJC.

Upon arrival everything looked as it should be, door security guard, military looking reception/foyer.

Bloody room was awful (in a double with my partner), wind whistling through worn window seals, V.Basic room, discoloured grouting round the bath and a worn out mattress that went 'boing' in the night.

Top breakfast though, £6 each. Not sure if it was all you can eat or not, but when the sloppy returned to the hotplate from his errand, he didn't rap my knuckles with a ladle :eek:)

No problem getting the hooch in bought from Sainsbury's round the corner. Would advise checking that the offers from Sainsbury's have been applied to the bill. Found my 4 660ml bottles were charged at the full price, not the offer price. Was given the excuse it isn't our fault, it's the barcode system......hmmmmm.


Had my first visit to the UJC at the end of November last year. Lobby was smart and quite impressive but had to wait a bit for the key as myself and girlfriend got there dead on 1300 just as rooms become available.

Room was OK but being quite a way up the tower and with dodgy window seals as described by PANZER_SOLDAT it sounded like I was sleeping in a wind tunnel. Didn't sample the food but had a wander down to a pub (can't remember name) near HMS Belfast which has a replica of the Golden Hind right by it - excellent grub and beer.

It was OK as a bed for the night and we were out all day whilst we were there. Very handy for the tube.


There is a vent at the top of the windows, close it and that stops the whistling mostly.

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