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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spanish_Dave, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Staying there Wednesday night, anyone around, anything in the locality to have a look at?
  2. Let me be the first to say "I call Wah"!
  3. Short walk to the imperial war museum or tube station is Lambeth north. Three stags boozer on the corner almost opposite has good food and ale. The bar in UJC will close bang on time so get a few in at last orders. There is a stair lift at the front if you have your wife with you.
  4. He's from up north we struggle in the city. I have to mutter it's the blue one then the brown one when I go on the tube.
  5. Well done you

  6. Cheers matey

  7. If you head for the river and turn right there's the Globe Theatre and a couple of pubs and eaterys
  8. there is Zizzi, Tas Pide and The Real Greek by the Globe. Tas is Turkish and lovely food and good value, if yo lke Italian get a voucher for half price main courses at Zizzi - although it is upstairs if you have a wheelchair user with you. There's also a Pizza Express which you can get 50% off with a voucher at the moment I think
    it's my training night but be happy to come to UJC bar afterwards for a drink about 9.30pm if you wull be there
  9. Theres the imax cinema just a short walk away, head for Waterloo Bridge you cant miss it. I had a very enjoyable evening in the Crown & Cushion pub about 10 mins walk away. The Old Vic theatre is 2 mins away. The Waterloo grill hut under the bridge does great post beer grub too.

  10. 9.30 it is then

  11. ha ha me dont think so matey
  12. It's only because you are a tight Yorkshire twat like me. Do they have anything for him less than a fiver?
  13. Ohh I think you do, that trouser python must be bursting with anticipation.