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Discussion in 'Travel' started by syledis, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone stayed at the Union Jack Club?. Is it good value for money?
  2. Stay there all the time. V good value. Clean, cheap and does exactly what it says on the tin. Auberge bar across the road is quite good too.
  3. It's not as good value as it used to be ( but then again nothing is) with travel lodges springing up all over London. But it's convenient for Waterloo and all the tourist traps near Westminster.

    Avoid the Fire House pub nearby. It's very pricey.
  4. As is the Fish and Chip stall near to the pub!
  5. Bangalore Express - very good value for money Indian on Waterloo Rd just around the corner. Also, the sushi restaurant on Lower Marsh - can't remember the name - twice as good as Yo and most of the ones in Soho.
  6. I don't know if I'm just a sad fcuker but I always stay in the UJ when I'm in London purely because it's 'military'. After you've left, it's not often you get to drink in bars with warry pictures on the walls, or look at pictures of VC winners whilst you're waiting for your muckers in reception. Plus I'd hate to see it go due to lack of custom.
  7. I've stayed in the Victory Services Club, which I wasn't too impressed with.

    Is the Union Jack Club much better or are they on a par?
  8. I'll second that. Chose it over UJ club for location really went for the cheap room with no bathroom which was pretty "basic" to say the least. Brick walls painted white issue locker for clothes. I was ok as there was a sink for my middle of the night drunken p1ss but the Mrs wasn't too happy :wink: Breakfast was v good though
  9. I stay there all the time, business and pleasure, and they're fine. Remember though, it's a club and not a hotel so they're not so hot on total customer service but will help where they can.
  10. Victory services Club accom is like a 1970s barrack block, I always stay at the UJC.
    The bar at the UJC is tops too, no lashed up chav scum. Buy a pint and have a wander round checking out the VC area. Go downstairs into the basement area too, there are some amazing pictures and sculptures.
  11. That new?! The old bit is being upgraded 'as we speak' and part of the club was improved a long time ago to a high standard. I use the former for dossing and the latter for duty trips and longer more civilised (no pi$$ing in the sink) stays. Can't speak of the catering, never tried it. Bar is okay.

    Last time I asked the VSC had not seen the need to admit parking wardens and litter patrol officers to keep the occupancy up. It grips my poo to turn up at the UJC unannounced and can't get a room when Pierre from Eurostar and some other geezer with no military credentials breeze in to pick up their keys.

    Just a matter of time. I like it when it's three deep with old boys ditting on.
  12. I use the UJ Club 2 or 3 times a year and it provides exactly what I expect, a barrack room in the middle of London. It is clean and functional and the best bit is a feeling of 'belonging' there. No frills, but I don't expect any.

    Probable better rooms available for a comparable price without the bar and dining room.
  13. Was it you that chatted to me last summer at the bar and asked if I wanted to go 'up west' later ? :D
  14. VSC is good on price but crucial that you get a room at the back, otherwise the noise of traffic will destroy your night. The showers are the worst in Christendom; designed by a dribbling idiot with a wonky knob in his own image.
  15. Trouble with the VSC is its location, its a fair walk to even get to a tube.

    Agree with the sentiment that the UJC has sold out a bit by letting the eligibility to use it slide.