Union Jack Club - no room at the inn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by joelndec, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Was this leaked by an MP because they want all their expenses back to show 'they support our troops'?
  2. It's a bit of a non story if you ask me, do you really think that enough MPs stay there to take up even half of the rooms at the UJC at any given time?

    The UJC is always busy and if you don't book rooms in advance you'll struggle to get a room especially over things such as Army Navy weekend at short notice.
  3. Quote from site:

    "The Union Jack Club is a private members club for serving and ex-serving military personnel of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
    We also welcome military personnel of many countries, together with the emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance, including the UK civil service and their families to make use of its excellent facilities.

    I think the 2nd sentence just about negates the first!!!
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  4. It must be true it's in the Sun!
  5. Nope, it isn't. What level of membership do they have? When I applied for membership I had to send a copy of my discharge certificate to prove that I had 'exemplary' service. If these people aren't serving personnel (obviously) nor ex serving, then what evidence do they have to provide as to their former conduct?

    Then again, It's the Union Jack who makes the rules and it's the Union Jack which takes takes their money. It wasn't that long ago that there were a number of DSS residing at the UJ. It's OK slating these parasites, but if surely the Union Jack should also give account for its part in this.
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  6. Non story. Now, what's Christine Bleakley wearing on her holiday with Frank today........
  7. "One furious NCO... someone like me who has served 24 years?"

    There's another loose thread to pick at.
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  8. Why?
  9. Fact is that the UJC is a business and will always put the bottom line first. As has been said it is always busy and booking ahead is vital. To turn up on spec is almost certainly going to lead to disappointment (I know I've tried). It would be great if the place were for serving and ex-serving, but as a commercial enterprise based in Central London this is a non starter.
  10. UJC is a 'Forces refuge'?

    That's it then! That's the last time I stay in a doss house!
  11. Quite correct, the original concept of the UJC was a residential London club for members and veterans of the British Armed Services (and their families), including serving members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces, below commissioned rank.(FULL STOP).

    Obviously over the years the club managers have decided to change all that - I believe they also provide conferencing facilities now (how many bedrooms were removed to make way for that).

    I used to get the hump when officers used it back in the 70's, but then again I'm a bit old fashioned.
  12. It's always busy because it's always full of Latvian Firemen and Somali Fisheries Protection Officers. Or something similar. The last time I tried to get a berth there was over 15 years ago and had no chance of getting past the abrupt, rude and unwilling receptionist, so I took out membership of the VSC, where the squalor of the Old Club House provides occasional waves of nostalgia. Their new rooms are quite good, though.

    (Back when men were men and so were WRACs, you had to put your boots under the bed ends in the UJ dormitories, or some oik from the RHF would nick them.)
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  13. I'm sure the MPs would be willing to share.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's always the Victory Services Club in Marble Arch, it's my preference rather than the UJC ,if only because it's got more history, and the public rooms have been done up nicely. Some of the Accom is basic, but so what> It's a bed for the night when needed.

    And this story of MPs - raised in the Evening Standard on Thursday, now all over the place:

    It's part of a not-very-cunning plan by MPs to make us feel sorry for them - they are so poor that they can't afford a Travelodge 2 x nights a week (it's only Mon and Tues nights, when they work late). They can't get home late on public transport, can no longer claim for long Taxi journeys, and don't like to get up too early...

    Public transport is crap? Well, whose fault is that? They are now having to notice what the rest of us have had to put up with for years. Having trouble living on £60k+ and Allowances? My heart pumps purple piss. Being asked to pay for their own Taxi fare? Welcome to Planet Earth.

    What utter, utter, bollocks.
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