Union Jack Club haunted?

As this is history related i thought i'd ask here rather than wading through the NAAFI.

Was speaking to a friend today who's just spent a few days in London at the Union Jack Club with her partner. Both of them were apparently woken in the middle of the night by a ghost (unless it was some pished up scrote who couldn't find his pit). Scared the living daylights out of them but she described a figure in white, or with a white jacket on and dark hair. seemed like he was either checking on them, like a doctor on his rounds, or perhaps looking for someone.

Now, the question is, has anyone else heard of the UJ club being haunted?
Have any of you actually been there?
Have any of you actually been there?
Not for years mate. Used to try and get in there every army navy game (by booking in the previous year) and whenever I was in the smoke for a beer. I really like the place but it went really pricey.

It's probably haunted by the remnants of million pissed squaddies farts.
I stayed there last month and woke up to see the image of a drunken ex-squadie swaying in front of me. Needless to say it was the mirror, the only thing which went bump in the night was my f**king head.

Got to say it is pricey for what it is I had a basic room which meant a shared bog and bathroom, I never pissed in the sink once honest!!! Very good full english though, even if it does cost an extra six fifty.
The new Union Jack Club on Sandell Street is unlikely to be haunted, unless Buster Edwards (the former Great Train Robber and Flower Seller) managed to blag his way in following his suicide, as it hasn't been up long enough. The older club and the dormitories in the annexe, however, were reputed to be haunted by victims of the plague - mainly from Africa !


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I have experienced a few spirits at the UJ. Which is why I got off in Yeovil (last train out of London) and not in Andover as I should have.
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