Union Jack Club 50% off all armed forces

Just been on the union jack club website and its offering 50% for all armed forces has anyone seen or used this?

I used this last weekend was able to stay for two nights at a half price rate
unfortunatly this offer can only be used once.

Mr Happy

Given that you have to be Armed Forces or connected in some (dodgy) way to the armed forces I find the likelihood of a blanket discount unlikely..

An excellent place to stay - if you can get in.
did a spot there week or two ago supporting the Pegasus Bridge Show... whole lotta Brass there, nice little auditorium.
According to the web site

The Union Jack Club is a private members club for serving and ex-serving military personnel of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. It also encourages military personnel of many countries, together with the emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance, including the UK civil service and their families to make use of its excellent facilities

All serving men and women below Commissioned Rank of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, including the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Territorial Army, Royal Auxiliary Air Force and adult members of Cadet Forces are automatically Full Members of the Club.
Exclusive offers for all members of the armed forces 50% discount on accommodation available for first visit to the Union Jack Club

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