Union issues

I'm currently a member of the Communication Workers Union (not for long now at this rate) and I have a bit of an issue with the way they have recently held a postal vote. The vote was over wether to keep the political fund and thereby handing money to the Labour party, as well as holding large meetings to discuss the value of women, dykes and drag queens as well as declaring UKIP to be a racist political party (things they assure us are vital to protecting our jobs).

I digress, the issue I have is that when the ballot paper arrived it was stuffed with union literature insisting people vote yes for keeping the fund going. Is this actually legal where a ballot paper can have a recommendation of how to vote attached to it?

If anyone in the future is invited to join the CWU don't bother, last winter we were balloted for wether to accept a new winter working deal, it was outright rejected by the workforce and the union ignored the ballot and accepted the new terms on our behalf. They are a bunch of useless bellends.
Union ballots are usually conducted by the Electoral Reform Society and thus it would be their rules followed concerning a load of bumf in the envelope.
So resign. I work in FE and although some of my colleagues are Union members I'm not and no one has pressured me to join.

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