Union Flag Sizes

Is there a standard size Union Flag that should be flown within a barracks? Got the ratios, just need to know about sizes. (Wikipedia did have a good page, however, can't always trust that!)

Need to source one - NSNs would be appreciated, and or if you know a good flag maker that your Regt / Sqn / BN etc etc has used that you would also come in handy.

Thanks in advance.


* Thinking about it, I should have popped to the Mall and borrowed one!!
I don't know what the actual measurements are, but there is two distinct sizes flown at Windsor castle. A regular everyday size and a much larger one for state occaisions (I think).
The size of the flag should depend upon the size of the flag pole. There is a ratio for land-based flag poles laid down somewhere (e.g. I think there is one described in the RN's "Manual of Seamanship", and an equivalent somewhere in Queens Regs); I think its something like "the fly (edge nearest pole) of the flag should be 1/5 of the height of the pole".

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