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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by watershed2100, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Right sensible answers only please!

    Now we have that out of the way, saw a guy on my jumps course with a union flag patch with the Parachute Regiment cap badge embroidered into it on his day sack. Didnt get thje chance to ask where he got it from any ideas?

    Helmet and body armour on for the incoming!

    P.S. Play nice!
  2. Google it :)

    loads of people doing ZAP badges and the such like.

    military-badges.com might be a good starting point
  3. A company in Soldier magazine use it as advertising. Could be them that make it.
  4. For quality woven badges and not stitched onto fabric badges have a go with these - woven gives more detail than stitched. They make to your design order as well as off the shelf and it is quality stuff. I always keep a small stack of their union flags as gizzits for septics.

    Jacquard Weaving Company Ltd.,
    Withnell Mill,
    Bury Lane,
    Lancs., PR6 8UA.

    Tel: 01254 830681

    Jacquard Weaving - woven badges, embroidered badges, club badges, blazer badges, badges, woven ties, club ties, ties, woven emblems, woven labels, labels, jacquard weaving, , woven epaulettes, epaulettes, patches, embroidered patches, woven patches,

    info<at>jacquard.co.uk change the <at> for an @

    I have no links with them other than I am a happy customer, they promptly send their stuff to me in the US with no fuss or bother.
  5. When I read that, my first thought was 'Get rooted, ******* well shan't', but I decided to simply subscribe and see what happened.

    To my surprise, everyone has played nice.

    So far.

    WTF's going on?
  6. OH - permission to nick & use as latest favourite saying?
  7. Please do, be my fuckin' guest :)
  8. If he'd been at KAF there are a couple of places on the 'Boardwalk' that churn out all sorts of embroidered 'works of art'...lol

    Edited for mongness
  9. The badge on the screen dates it to 97.
    If they are using a computer controlled machine to weave/embroider the badges it may well be the case that they are stuck with legacy equipment.
  10. I think he must mean KAF, don't think there is a board walk in KAIA.
  11. I did VG, I'll edit my post for mongness.
  12. Yeah, but, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    I'm happy with the quality whenever I get flag patches from them and the septics that receive them are chuffed.
  13. I always get bored whilst walking in Ikea...which could be known as the boredwalk.
  14. septics are easily pleased ! :) Its a shame there website doesnt reflect it ! it could do with a revamp is all im saying ! The best bet is to speak to them over the phone I reckon then !