Union Flag on uniforms- Ulster ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by goneandgone, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. Troops serving in Northern Ireland have been banned from wearing the Union flag on their uniforms after claims that it has offended nationalists.
    The ban has infuriated soldiers posted to Ulster after returning from operational duty in Iraq, where the wearing of the badge is mandatory.

    Lt Gen Philip Trousdell, General Officer Commanding in Northern Ireland, personally decided that it was inappropriate for soldiers serving in Ulster to wear an emblem that he considered "too emotive in the political climate". Lt Gen Trousdell issued the order after complaints from nationalists who claimed that the badge was "provocative".

    The ruling has angered senior officers, soldiers and MPs.
    One soldier recently back from Iraq said his battalion was proud to wear the Union flag. Sgt G Dalgliesh, of the King's Own Scottish Borderers wrote: "Now, as we embark on a two-year posting in Northern Ireland, we have to take them off. It's a disgrace."
  2. Whilst I have nothing against articles being cut and pasted, it would be useful to have the source, or better still a link to the original article.
  3. Oh lucky us
  4. Wonder what Lt Gen Trousdell and Sgt Dalgliesh will have to talk about when they meet.

    What the fcuk does he mean 'it's a disgrace'? What's 'disgraceful' about it? I'll put money on that Dalgliesh is one of these small minded Rangers Supporting, Red Hand flag owning, Bigoted Prod Jocks. Bet he's got a 1690 'No Surrender' tattoo as well (or at least his wife Senga has).
  5. This cxame from higher than just a commanding general. I suspect Bliar and number ten are at the heart of this, probably in response to something Adams demanded, and we know how BLiar likes to suck up to nationalists.

    It's a fcking disgrace that members of the british army aren't allowed to have the british flag on their uniforms, and not just allowed, but to have to remove them having HAD to have them on it.


    Shotgun, your post edited , as unfortunately in the current climate, even jokingly suggesting a FMJ P.45 for the glorious leader, invites unwelcome attention :(

  6. Shotgun, why don't you stop beating around in them bushes and tell people what you really think!
  7. Replace all pigs with Mini Coopers with Union flags on the bonnet and roof's

    Blair will do anything to get rid of our flag at any cost....
  8. Yes man leadership at the top. I wonder what Slim would've done?
  9. Slim would have had them take the flags off, on the basis the job is hard enough, without minor irritations leading to another flashpoint and dramas.

    Also, he'd tell them that they didn't need flag patches, to remind them they were the best soldiers in the world, IMHO.

    I know it's petty, and I know people are hacked off, but if it stops one squaddie getting attacked, for the most puerile of reasons, then I'm for it.

    If the ruling, was regarding the flying of the Union Jack at bases in the province, then I'd probably feel the way Shotgun does.

    DS may have a point. I've met guys like that 8O
  10. I'm still waiting for your views Blondeembarrassment. You've obviously done time in NI, so you can form an opinion.
  11. I think it's probably a sound decision to remove the Union flag from our troops uniforms for now.
    I can't think of any other environment where I would entertain it but loyalists are such antagonistic flag wavers that I'm sure that after the long history of the troubles the very sight of the Union flag causes offence to many republicans.
    The Irish have to learn to live peaceably together. THAT has to be the overiding focus. It is not a sign of weakness for British troops to cool the waters as and where possible. It's a sign of maturity and respect for the hearts and minds of Irelands indiginous people that we don't add further to the angst there, nor appear allied to the loyalists who tauntingly wave our flag in the faces of other Irishmen.
  12. BB said
    my view on that is it will never happen, while the politics is decided by religion that seperates them in the 1st place
  13. The politics is decided by bigotry, small mindedness, tradition, misplaced loyalty, superstition, angst and FEAR in the guise of true religious allegiance.
    There is a long and very painful history in Ireland that cannot be swept under the carpet or dispensed with by abdication of responsibility or by finger pointing.
    A time of truth and reconciliation would be painful and require searing honesty and a willingness from all to face the historical and current realities; each participant accepting responsibility for damage done.

    Hopefully the day will come when that will be a reality.