Union flag on sleeve.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by gummikuh, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. Hi
    Just a quickie, after attending camp, I witnessed a cadet being reprimanded for wearing a combat jacket with a union flag on the left upper sleeve, and being required to remove it. As an AI myself, and ex TA, I find this a slight on my country.
    The reason I was given for the removal was, and this has a certain irony, that we do not want cadets to look like soldiers!
    No-one has asked me to remove my flags, and this is probably just as well, as I feel I would fight this all the way.
    Is anyone able to clarify this?
  2. Sounds like said AI on a power trip...
  3. As far as I'm aware, the union flag is worn by any soldier on an operational deployment as identification. In other words if you've been on an operational tour you can wear the union flag. I understand though that some OTC's are allowed to wear them, and I suppose at the end of the day it's up to your CO. IMHO I don't think anyone should wear a union flag unless they have been on an operational tour.
  4. I must admit that the "duty rumour" with flags is: on tour or those that have been on tour only.

    To be honest, does it really matter?
  5. Flag or no flag, cadets are generally too small to look like soldiers.
  6. I was under the impression that it is now part of dress regs, TRF on right Arm, union flag on left arm with other org flash. We (TA) were all issued them.

    Yes we are turning into the Scouts.
  7. No Power trip here guys, all DZ flashes, flags, TRF's are not to be worn by any cadet (ACF Rules) they are after all, NOT part of HM Armed Forces.
    Its the adult walts in the ACF who chose to wear the above mentioned that Im worried about, who after all are NOT part of HM Armed Forces either and on the subject, why do some AI's and Officers included chose to hide the ACF part of thier rank slide or not have it on at all? Something to hide maybe?

    Even had one B***S*** story from 30 (odd) year old Adult 2Lt that the reason he coloured in his fawn coloured ACF letters on his DPM slide was to cam it up more, but, but, I said, why is your one pip still fawn coloured, god forbid that your trying to hide the fact your in the ACF, and trying to give the impression your a real 30 (odd) year old 2Lt, and BTW, as we are on the subject, why you wearing an HQ PARA Bde DZ flash on your (Smock Parachutists DPM) after a sniff and a shrug of the shoulders, well im ex 1 PARA. Puh...lease

    Or one ACF SMI who wears a Royal Engineers cap badge, and the last time i saw him, he had a maroon beret on and PARA wings (with said cap badge), when questioned, "Oh im ex 10 PARA" and I said, but for over a year you didnt wear anything, he replied "oh my OC didnt allow me but Im doing it anyway", strange he cant find any discharge documents as well..an a quick calculation of when he took P Company (TA) and his current age, he must have been at Brize when he was 14..wow...youngest ever kid to get his wings..or is it all just BULLSHIT!!!!

    So lets not go on about Cadets and badges, I dont need to wear a flag on my arm to remind me why I served 24 odd years.
  8. Good post emptyeye. I see plenty of AI and Officer types who choose to "accidentally hide" their County on their rank slide or even to just wear one without ACF on it. Twaddle. Stop doing it you walts! We have one who even wears a Kings TRF "due to his Kings Cap Badge" yet he failed the TA entrance test for said unit.

    Maybe I should wear my Caubeen, 107 Ulster Brigade Flash and feckin Shamrock on St Pats Day, that would look really cute NOT!
  9. Still cannot compare with the cadet I saw with his CCF/ACF warrant officer rank badge sewn onto the arm of his norwegian - hilarious.
  10. More debate on this subject, most of the Cadets who have their uniforms issued now are being given brand new 95 smocks in bags with the Union Jack already sown on.

    I still think only serving operational Soldiers need Union Jacks.
  11. BT

    Cadets grip my sh1t bigtime. I have no time whatsoever for the walting cnuts. Maybe it is different for army cadets but sea-cadets should be put down. No doubt I will get a barrage of abuse to counter my comments but I have yet to meet a sea-cadet who actually shows some respect for a member of the RN and doesn't act like a shitehawk after some scraps of food off the arrse-end of a pussers grey war canoe. Rude and inconsiderate brats. And as for the instructors-they need to sort their sh1t out. I do not expect to be saluted (SNCO) by a Sea Cadet Adult instructor "PO". These people are supposed to be instructing the kids in the ways of the naval service????

  12. Good Post Birddog and I agree, it comes sewn on, so lets leave it on, next thing we will have is Civilian Admin Assistants telling cadets to 'take a shap razor and cut them off'..its easy...I can see the papers now:

    [align=center]'Cadet cuts off arm trying to deface the Union Flag'[/align]

    Im not anti AI or any ACF Officer, far from it, but, WHAT ARE YOU ASHAMED OFF? The plain facts are:

    The ACF does not have 1. A Parachute Brigade. 2. Units full of ex SF Soldiers who had to leave the SAS but cant talk about it. 3 ex head of a units sniper team who has 20 head shot confirmed kills (classified of course)

    Show me your Red book, or better still, apply to get all your personal records from Glasgow, (you get everything you ever did) and shove them up my arrse to show me you wasnt a pissed mattress storeman or wasnt No3 on the gun, but indeed you have done your time, and your actually in the ACF to help the little people become bigger better people, not to strut around telling everyone your Sgt Rock from Easy Company, I have news for you...............your NOT!!

    ACF (Army Cadet Force) NOT (Adult Cadet Force)
  13. Jack

    I agree, I was in the SCC as a kid and got my arrse kicked from some old sweats when I thought some lip back was in order, its easy..get the adults, you get the cadets..so agreed some are little gob shites, but look no further than the adults, they set the (low) standard you are talking about here, classic case of what they say it must be right? ..........Right?
  14. Here here emptyeye, i totally agree with you me old mucka. Being ex myself and having recently joined the ACF i have no compunction to get all my trade badges and other stuff sewn all over me to look good. I left HMF and want to improve the lives of the little people so i see no need to change my cap badge from ACF issue to what i used to be.

  15. empty I agree with what you say. I know some guys who were puddle pirates who have turned into outstanding matelots both professionally and as well developed individuals. But I'm talking about the little sh1ts who don't give a damn about or listen to the guys who may have to put up with/serve (delete as appropiate) in the very near future in some cases. The navy does take a big interest in the SCC but alas, not in the quality of the instructors. Before I get slated by serving instructors, I will say this to them-you know damn well the type of instructor I am on about! (The civvy tw@t who has never served in the forces type). And I am not an old sweat (25). The little sh1ts acted exactly the same when I joined up 8 years ago. If you don't believe me, get your arrse down to Whale Island anytime during the summer period when they're scurring around the island like cockroaches after a nuclear conflict.