Union Flag now a Doormat

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mikal, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. It seems the homeless charity Shelter has resorted to selling Union flag doormats as a way of raising money in the UK.

    Full article and comments can be found here

    Apologies if I'm duplicating. I did look and couldn't find anything elsewhere.
  2. Have they got an email asddress to complain to?
  3. Why don't people get a fecking grip this isn't the states, its not disrespecting the flag

    Disrespecting the national flag is about being ashamed to fly it incase in offends anyone

    I'd buy a union jack door mat, same as i'd buy a union jack towel/hat/shirt/boxers/

    W+nkers, drip about something worthwhile
  4. Ooh yay, outrage. :roll:

    The whole point about this nation is that we aren't one of those insecure, johnny-come-lately countries that feels the need to fetishise symbols like the flag.

    Anyway, its for charity FFS, you dullards.
  5. [Pedant]

    I guess you will be purchasing these items to use on HM Naval Ships?


    Hat, Coat, Taxi!

    I must admit I do agree with you though.

  6. Flag/jack feck you you sailor sucker
  7. forgot my smilie :D
  8. Have you seen how many comments that generated, I thought brighton was full of lefty hippy homos not enraged dunkirk veterans

    They'll be sold out by monday lunch
  9. There are millions of people living here who are very vocally proud of their Pakistani roots. Shelter could make a fortune for the homeless producing flags for them, but I bet they don't.
  10. I've got a doormat called Mohammed! :D
  11. Yay, it's now turned into the DuSKy ImYgRunt bAsHing thred.

    Only took 11 posts to get there too, in spite of valiant efforts of previous posters to treat this story as the non-event and feeble bandwagon outrage starter it was.

    Well done AWOL.
  12. The debate on the other hand, continues to rage on the newspaper website.
    It seems like both Saints and I have thrown our opinions in the mix :D .