Union flag left off of ID cards

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by barrett, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Once you have an ID Card you no longer have an individual Identity or Nationalilty, you're merely a number on a Pan-European Data Base that's just waiting for the day whereby you have to prove your innocence when questioned by a governmental official, which in our country could be the binman.
  2. Won't carry one... simple... its not as if this bunch of clowns are going to be in power for much longer.... except when they are rewarded for their treason with a gravy train job in Europe.
  3. ID cards without union flag should not be a problem as that and the nonsense data base had better be on the boy Dave's first thing to chop !
  4. Why should it have a Union Jack? The MOD 90 doesn't, nor do passports.
  5. only UK passport holders should get one, irish nationals therefore shouldnt have one?

    Driving licence doesnt have one either
  6. All part of the 'Europeanisation Master Plan'.

    This traitorous administration, controlled in toto by Mr. Mandelson, is determined that we shall become a Region, or is that a Sub-Region, of the Soviet Union of Europe.
  7. So what. They're Crown documents issued by the Crown and bearing the Crown seal. Did you ever complain about the lack of a UJ on the old style passport?
  8. Couldn't care less tbh. I've got to (officially) carry my passport with me at all times. I would rather have a bit of plastic, the size of a credit card.
  9. The ID card is offensive. Whether it is proposed to include a picture of a flag or a gerbil on it is irrelevant; the damned thing will be done away with when this government becomes history.
  10. Its amazing how the Gubmint manages to simultaneously combine repression and moral cowardice in all its initiatives....

    Passports (still) bear HM coat of arms, so Union flag was never needed. Omitting a national emblem from driving licences is typical of the propagandist stupidity of the EU - I imagine traffic cops the world over would find it helpful to know the linguistic origins of the gibbering idiot they've just pulled over.....
  11. Jawohl, Herr Deputy! :D
  12. mmm I love the Royal Signals!!

    and I should never leave my arrse logged on with my work colleague around!
  13. Mobat

    All official UK ID has the crown on it.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My German and French ID's both state that I am British, so its nothing to do with the EU. I guess small minded UK gov civil servants forget that some people travel....