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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by essexbob, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. There is a rumour that a directive has been issued by LAND authorising Army Cadets to wear Union Flag flashes on their uniforms, can anyone confirm??
  2. Is this so that they are identifiable on multinational cadet operations? :lol:
  3. This is stupid. We're short of the silly things in regs/TA as it is. It's just another badge that cadets' parents have to sew onto their uniforms.
  4. I'd imagine they would be better off sewing up young Tommy's bottom, thus stopping unwanted adult instructor inteference.
  5. Actually the Union flag comes sewn to the kit as standard; the manufacturers, Coneen Watts and Stone, make their kit with flags already on (in the wrong place, but hey ;) ). This directive reflects this, so that cadets don't have to remove them, and will also crush the myth that these denote membership of the Regular or Territorial Army. They are only there to distinguish British forces (inc. cadets) from those armies who wear our uniform because HM government sold it to them despite our own army being short.
  6. Do the ACF get issued CS95 now (no not a WAH)? Just thought they had to purchase their own.
  7. Well as far as i'm aware, the cadets (ACF) in general have to buy their own kit.
    If they have a freindly regular army unit close by who's willing to pass on bukshee kit then they take it onto some sort of account to stop the nasty QM selling it on!
  8. maybe your rqms should demand more then..
    todays acf cadet is tomorrows reg-ta soldier...
  9. Shouldn't they sew it on themselves??Mummy wont do it later. :D :?
  10. all the jackets i saw on chav -bay had them already on..
  11. We (ACF) get issued everything bar boots/webbing/bergen/gucci kit.

    Issued Kit
    C95s (Pants/Shirt)
    Lightweight pants
    Lightweight shirt (x2)
    Working belt
    Combat jacket
    Cap badge
    Woolen pull-over
  12. I stand corrected! Is that the same for every ACF unit/county?
  13. As far as i know, yeah.
  14. Nah, my old mob were never issued 95 shirts, we had to buy our own. As far as I know, that's still the case (I left about a year and a half ago)
    Oh, and we got three OG shirts.

    Kinda blows that theory out the water, eh?

    Edited to add- we were also ordered, on pain of a severe bollocking, to remove any union jack badges attached to any items of clothing, although a few people had them, due to apathetic instructors. Personally, I'm all for the ACF TRF thing- would cut down on so much b0llocks and getting mistaken for real soldiers...

    Now I'm in the big boys, it grips my sh*t to see cadets trying to get away with things like this, but back when I was a wee cadet, it was all the rage.
  15. No trousers then? :wink:
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