Union Flag Badge is Offensive says Met

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ferox_provincia, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Jesus H ******* Christ! Whats gotten into this country! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


    Union badge may be banned
    Wednesday July 29,2009

    SCOTLAND Yard officers have been banned from wearing Union Flag badges in support of troops because they are deemed “offensive”.

    Metropolitan Police chiefs ordered that the tiny emblems, which cost £1 with proceeds going to charity, must be removed after a complaint.

    But 70 officers are continuing to wear them in defiance of the latest row over political correctness.
    Peter Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, called the decision “shameful”.

    The row started when 200 officers at Heathrow Airport were barred from wearing the badges, which raise funds for the British Legion and Help for Heroes.

    A petition against the ban has been launched on the Downing Street website. Last night a Met spokesman said: “Only approved corporate badging may be used.”

  2. Corporate badging? Will they have a Nike symbol on their hats, and have to shout, "Police, armed with the Waltmaster MKX 9mm, your perfect choice for personal protection in the 21st Century!" before shooting you in the head for no reason?

    Damned disgrace, no wonder this country, Brussels, traitor Brown, different if it was Muslims, PC madness, outrage, fought and died for the right etc.

  3. Beep Beep - Watch out The Brakes on the Bus aren't too good these days as its being over worked.

    “Only approved corporate badging may be used.”

    Please Read

    "Only Lefty Labour I need everyone to love me group badges are acceptable."
  4. disgraceful!!!! id love to wear the union jack in support,and im australian,long live the queen,and mighty britain....!!!!!

  5. Did not the Met lend Tony B'Liar two Police Range Rovers for his election campaign in 2005 complete with 'Vote Labour' stickers affixed?
  6. I was just violently sick on my keyboard. What the fcuk is wrong with people.

    Still, good to know there are some decent coppers out there. Here's hoping they don't get fired or re-educated.

  7. This is ridiculous and to me feels like we are being treated like the minority in our own country. In Scotland recently an Orange Lodge was ordered to pull down The Red Hand of Ulster flag from outside the building as their was complaints that it was 'offensive'.

    How can the flag of one of the home nations be deemed offensive in the UK I ask?
  8. It's not a case of being PC, though, is it? The issue could have been resolved by saying that the badges don't form part of the uniform and must be removed.

    But, by claiming that the national emblem is offensive (if, indeed, they did - yet to see a quote actually stating that), they seem hell bent on alienating quite a sizeable proportion of the population. Or at least, members and ex-members of the Armed Forces, BNP members and the other two or three who remotely give a damn.

    I don'tknow why we don't just give in. Scrap the Union Flag and replace it with a Teddy emblem on a white background. Actually, can't even do that as it would be insulting to Muhammed.
  9. Once again, the PC brigade have taken over! It really does my head in when these lefty types go off on one. They should be telling their officers to wear the Union Jack. Although it does amuse me that should you move to another country, you have to adjust to their way of life otherwise sod off. Perhaps we should start thinking like this!

  10. True…

    My bruv moved to France for a while with his work. He had to fill in some forms at the Mayors Office and asked rather hopefully if there was an English translation available - He was told rather huffilly 'NON!!!! Ici France!
  11. Exactly, though I've just realised this is an old story - reported in other papers this time last month.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Dear God alive, how slow is The Express? This has been going on for months now!
  13. Seems to have been wheeled out again in support of the compensation story. Can't say it's a bad thing. It portrays the coppers as being on-side, and helps put yet another nail in Labour's coffin.
  14. I know, ahh well. The issue still stands and is disgusting
  15. There's a big drive on to make us all wear only approved uniform items (many of us have been buying our own) ..... this is part of the fall out. The charity badge thing is ingrained in MPS culture (the drill staff at Hendon used it as an unofficial fining system) but it would appear some people have forgotten that.