Union Emblems on the CS95 Shirts

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Wobblyhead, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before...
    I've just exchanged a shirt for the first time in about 3 years (they seem to last longer than the trousers), and was chuffed to find the Union Flag/Emblem was already sewn on.

    I was less chuffed to find that it was in the wrong place, instead of going down the natural crease of the arm (shoulder to cuff, opposite the seam under the arm) it was about 5/6cm to far forward. They hadn't even bothered to fold under the surplus on either side of the badge (granted, I may just be a bit **** about that).

    Presumably extra has been added to the contract to get the shirts tailored as such, and then we have to unpick it and sew it back on ourselves (or get the tailor to do it - at more public expense) to avoid the wrath of the RSM. Is there a way of moaning about this to the DCTA, or do we just put up with it?

    I'm well aware that there are more pressing matters troubling the Army at the moment (no ammo/body armour - no pretty much everything) but it annoys me when we just p!55 money away for no reason.

    Rant over - Cheers.
  2. Glad its not just the batch at my unit.
  3. Or mine.
  4. And i thought it was just me with the dodgy shirts.
  5. No mine were the same.
  6. Some new recruits in my unit got these and of course ironed them through the UJ, it just looks wnak
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Please place a defect report your clothing store will know how.

    All reports are investigated in full and the IPT taken to task I had assumed had been resolved. Once I receive it or you PM me your UIN I will report the findings on line.

    However if you don’t whinge formally there’s nothing that can be done

  8. One of our lads was lazy and did that. Horrid.
  9. And mine. Same happened on the deserts I was issued.
  10. I got new desert kit recently and the UJ was the same on them, half way around the back of the sleeve.
  11. whats worse, I recently put some '95 shirts into the tailoress for TRF'ing, UJ'ing etc, collect them, great, get home to find the UJ has been fixed in the same wrong too far forward posistion as on the 'dodgy' batch!

    so I take them back, she tells me that she put them there as thats where they are on the shirts that come with them ready attached! so I tell her the correct posistion & explain that rumour control has it that a large batch of '95 shirts & jackets were delivered to the MOD with the UJ in the 'too far forward on the arm posistion', (that all you guys have been issued) so:
    the MOD, instead of sending the lot back (refund, product exchange with contractor? faulty goods supplied? (after all, it was the contractors f###-up) noop! ), decide to alter the dress regs to allow the UJ to be worn either in the incorrect posistion as on the 'dodgy batch' shirts or the correct posistion central on the arm, until such time as the dodgy batch have worked their way through the system.
    in the mean time, they have apparently also issued a corrective instruction to the contractor that makes the '95 kit informing them of the correct location on the sleave for the Union Flag

    this story I can well belieave - B###dy MOD procurement!.
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So far I have not seen any new batch shirts with the flag in the correct place.

    Are any out there yet?

    No doubt the tailors will make loads of cash at public expense and the contractors will just shrug their shoulders.
  13. recently took delivery of a couple of new shirts and the uj sits 2 inches from the seem, my 16 aa brigade budgie sits so low down that it nearly reaches my elbow and that aint a wah either
  14. As mentioned - stick in an EFR. Although not a REME preserve, they can help you out with them. You can even do 'em on DII I believe, as well as FEMIS, JAMES etc.
    Do it - or it won't change.
  15. Even the shirts here at an RAF camp come with dodgy UJ somewhat in the wrong place..... bloody chinese contractors (or we have French infiltration going on)!