Uninsured vehicles subject to new rules and fines

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, May 23, 2011.

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  1. From BBC Webpage:

    Motorists are being reminded that a new law comes into force in a month's time which will require them to make sure their vehicle is insured.

    An advertising campaign is being launched to publicise the change, which means from 20 June people can be fined without actually driving the car.

    There are estimated to be about 1.4 million motorists without insurance.

    Caught a bod from Car Insurance Fed talking on news this morning about what a good idea this was. So I take it my car insurance premium will be going down in light of fewer shits bumping into things whilst not insured............Fat chance but can dream.
  2. They stated it was to catch the people who drive in unregistered vehicles! Now correct me if I'm wrong but how the hell do they know the address and person if the sodding vehicle is unregistered to them?
    Sounds to me like another unthunked up law. The idiots who drive around without insurance really don't give a shit about the law.
  3. When you have your yearly MOT you have to take your insurance certificate with you. I imagine that this new law will give the Rozzers the powers to immediately seize any vehicle and send it for destruction
  4. Good luck going after our friends from the traveller comunity
  5. …I thought with the use of Vehicle Registration Checking equipment fitted in Police Cars that this was automatic and when caught the vehicle was impounded / taken off road and if not collected with proper documents and fine paid by owner the vehicle was crushed.
    Viewing some vehicles driving around our area (East Staffs) I should imagine many of the cars viewed have no insurance, tax or MOT. Doesn’t seem to bother the ****** driving it and I suppose he just gets rid of and picks up another dodgy motor once caught. Having viewed a few Road Wars programmes, you come away with the impression that most of the people committing this crime don’t give a shit anyway.
  6. Here we have to display our "insurance Ticket" on the windscreen - failure to do so can result in an automatic fine. Likewise we have to insure any vehicle we own even if it is unusable and in a barn with a tree growing through it.
  7. Easy way of sorting this and cheaper.

    Put coppers on roads, pull over cars that look in clip, check insurance, licence and mot there and then. A fail on any of those means the car goes to the yard.

    Who knows, other crime may start to decrease too. ie speeding, theft, dangerous driving and what not. After all, cars are getting stopped now.

    Who knows, with the will of the police and politicians, perhaps we could have a scenario where EVERY car was pulled off the motor way (for example), checked for MOT, insurance and licence. Surely the MOT and insurance could be done by some sort of camera and computer check, the licence by pulling the driver and finding out who they were. Whilst waiting for the results of the enquiry (if needed) the driver could be breathalised.
  8. Depends on the garage really, I've never actually been asked for my insurance when taking my vehicle for it's MOT.
  9. Now where have I seen this happen!!! Ahh, remember now - Treillières Service Area (RN 137), Gendarmes were having a field day picking off foreign motorists.
  10. And what aboput my 2 landrovers that I am restroing and my two motorcycles that are safely tucked up in storage?

    Why should I have to insure them if none of them are moving and come to think of it, two of them are in pieces!!!

    The only way someone is going to get hurt by them (I believe the minimum insurance policy you can have is Third Party) is if they break into my workshop and have a vehicle fall on them whilst they try and nick it!

    I also know someone with an impressive collection of vintage motorcycles. Does he have to have third party for each one even though they are museum pieces?

    Yet again, this smacks of an MP really not understanding the problem and trying to solve it with a blanket law.
  11. no excuse for foreigners. I carry all my papers when driving abroad, car ownership, insurance, green card and licences.
  12. What, like ANPR? ;) Most motorways are covered by this system and yep, if pinged, the driver is pulled and licence and breath test performed. We even have ANPR up here in the Highlands..al be it one car in our area, but its out pretty much all the time.
  13. Doesn't this new law only cover cars that have not been registered as SORN?

    The 'logic' being that if it isn't SORNED then it must be insured as it must be being used on the road.
  14. If they are registered SORN they won't need insurance, also if the vehicle is not kept on a public highway but on your own land insurance is not required. Calm down dear.

    Edit: I'm not too sure on the last part but logically if you are not driving the vehicle on the public highway and it is stored on private land you shouldn't require insurance.
  15. When did that change come in? Are you confusing the need to produce your MOT and insurance if you apply for your tax disc in person?

    This change in the law will more likely catch the normally law-abiding bloke who is late sorting his insurance rather than the bloke who has no documentation whatsoever.