Uninjured In Iraqistan then mugged at home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldbaldy, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Scum of the earth
  2. I'm seething reading this :pissedoff:

    I hope the police catch the scum before Liam's mates do.
  3. Ethnicity report required to provide a complete picture.
  4. I wonder why he had his medals on the piss????
  5. What sort of comment is that? Not sure hopw to interpret you, if you are going to say more because his attackers aren't WASP then you are a full on racist cnut.
  6. That's what i was wondering. They are sub-human scum for doing it, but there are always two sides to a story. "They couldn't handle the dangers of war", the cnut had only done two three month tours! He'd probally come back larging it, wearing his medals down the pub and got someone's back up. Smells like 9 Sqn to me.
  7. Just read this article in the Mail - Sickening :x

    Just shows how "hard" those thugs were though as the squaddie puched the first, lone attacker to the ground and he scarpered, only to return with his 2 brave mates complete with baseball bats - fcuking weiners! :x

    Did wonder why he had his Afghan & Iraq Gongs about his person whilst out on the razz though?! :?
  8. Nothing changes. To quote a relative who served in the Army in WWII:-

    Rommel couldn't get me in North Africa.
    Mussolini couldn't get me in Italy.
    Hitler couldn't get me in Europe.
    Stalin couldn't get me during the Berlin Blockade.
    And a fukin' taxi driver nearly got me crossing the street.
  9. I was wondering that but then thought that he's a young lad and maybe just wanted to show them to his mates. Its something to be proud of after all.
  10. Because of the below, because its happening more and more and you know what the reaction from the press, government, community groups etc. etc. would be if the situation was reversed.
    Racist isnt a fair word as this is just an objective response. If they were Wasp then they are equally scum.


  11. Judging by the name 'Liam', he's Irish. Happy?
  12. "Active service in Cyprus?!!" How the newspaper reporters love to sensationalise a story.
  13. Well, that's alright then isn't it, he obviously thouroughly deserved his kicking. How many op tours should he complete before he doesn't deserve one ?
  14. I'm from Coventry and a similar thing happened to me about a year ago, four guys jumped got out of a car, whacked me over the head when i refused to give them my wallet leaving me unconcious then took my phone and wallet. In the end no one was charged as the much vaunted CCTV footage was useless as you couldt even make out the make or model of the car let alone make out the ***** who did it! Add this to the fact the police arent interested

    Feel sory for the bloke and wonder if due the media attention the police might actually catch the bastards
  15. Reading between the lines here it seems to me that it's of no consequence that he is a squaddie, it's a straight forward mugging and would of happened if he was Joe Public. At least he managed to clout one of them before being overwhelmed but that probably caused the others to wade in with more force. It's a catch-22 situation.