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Greetings all,

the RQ is bending my ear about how sick he is of having to print on the crappy dox matrix printer (which is miles away) and wants to use his shiny new DII F printer. Is there any way to sort this out? He reckons he heard on his RQ grapevine there was. I know on DII C the (vastly improved and then back to crap for DII F) gui allowed you to print it to a normal printer, but has this been lost with the crappy "new" version?
If he use's GUI interface through his Land/DII terminal then yes, if he use's Green Screen Unicom Terminal then no.

Land/DII (GUI)

In the homepage of Unicom he selects to print to pdf, then he can print on DII printer or even save the print screen to Pdf. i.e 1157's and email them.

however if he does not know how to access the GUI, he need to speak to the unit System Administrator to find out the IP address of GUI to put in the top internet address bar
* just read the last bit, sorry, speak to worthy down through the unit SA, did hear there was compatability problems with Unicom & DII (F)
He using Unicom on DII F, the black and white screen as opposed to that nice GUI version that came with DII C :/ The compatability problems were what probably took that away, which is a shame because it made unicom semi-okish!
Proper GUI now works fine with DII(F) - use it myself. You need to add the DII printers to the system as SA - all you need is the printer IP address then select. All my Q people use DII printers for everything. PM if you need any help.

Paywog. Thanks for that, once again I get the useful info here!

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