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Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am after some guidance and hope that someone in this forum can help.

I’m ex RE (23 years and out) and was married to a QARANC nurse; we separated a few years ago (reasonably amicably and we are still friends) and I moved to Australia.

I was recently sorting through my glory box and came upon my ex’s NI medal and Belt Buckles. I never realised they where in there and so I obviously plan to return them but rather than send them back in an envelope I plan to have a small shadow box made up.

To that end I have a question:

The red/grey belt that would have had the buckles attached (her ward uniform); what was the material, the correct colours and dimensions/ratios?

If there is anyone with an appropriate length of said material lying around that they would pop in an envelope along with a couple of collar dogs and a cap badge then I would of course cover their costs and a donation to Holidays 4 Heroes.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
The belt would have been made from petersham. The diameter would depend on the diameter of the belt, older belts were wider than the ones that were worn just before we stopped wearing ward dresses.

Was your ex an enrolled nurse? as they wore red and grey together, the red would probably have been about 2.5" in diameter and the grey about 1 -1.5" and would have been sew onto the red down the middle of the belt.

I no longer have a stash of red petersham, I have tried to find a supplier on google but so far have had no joy. I'll keep looking.

Hope this helps


Petersham, that sounds familiar, I knew it sounded like a place name! My ex left nearly 10 years ago now (that makes me feel even older) and was an Enrolled nurse; the belt was as you described.

Thank you for your help. I'll pop into Spotlight and see what I can find.
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