Ok then lads and lasses any unimong gurus out there who can help out please.
We've just had our CI and the BOWO picked up on the fact that our issue bino's 1240-99-965-6105 are not on the account as P2 they are down as P1.
So i tried to maintain item press f5 tab down to what I want f3 choose p2 but the system says I have some on stock and it wont let me change the item from P1 to P2.
I have now checked the accounts and we have none on as I have issued them off yet it still says they are in stock and wont let me change them.
Spoke to our SA and it wont let him either although he gets a different reason to me.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Right then,

Firstly i would check that this NSN is struck from ALL accounts that are on your system, including any attached (REME accounts).
You could run a Data Query to check all accounts or get authorised on them all.
You will have to check for E0 stock and check for any outstanding internal issues.
P1 to P2 shouldn't be a problem but your SA may have to contact USMC.

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