Uniforms, or the lack thereof?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fish-head, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. In today's Scotsman (jockenese newspaper for those not in the know) shows a picture of some guys being awarded their Telic medal whilst in CS95? I had heard that some TA units are not issued No2s never mind No1s?

    What's the general rule on this, just curious?
  2. Don't know about the uniforms, but I do know that every medal I've received has been 'awarded' by the Chief Clerk, following a moving ceremony in his office. Typically, he intones the traditional words: 'Sign here, Sir', to which I respond with: 'Thank you, Chief'. At this point, a small brown envelope containing a cardboard box is passed across his desk, and I pause to reflect that I am going to have to cough up another twenty quid or so to get it mounted, and buy a miniature for the mess kit.
  3. That's about normal as I understood it. A wee parade is nice and all that but to make matters worse these poor scaleys were given their gong by the Mayor! I don't know the Mayor of Dundee but many of his local authority counterparts in the central belt are as honest as a Sicilian copper!
  4. Most ta units i know have a small stock of no2 uniforms handed out for cermionial duties on a lets see whats fits. but any coy or larger parade would be in c95
  5. Rant = ON

    That's awful. A lot of TA guys were out on Telic and other ops, more now than ever. How much would it cost them to give them some decent kit? Pish, really pish. It's not even as if you can go out and but them if the rest of the coy is in 95s you won't get a lot of wear somehow. I guess this links into the CS95 vs Barrack dress thread. I mean really!!! Do they parade with their medals on their 95 on not wear them at all until they reach old and bold status?


    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Rant = OFF
  6. remeberance parade done in combats smart :( . apart from that
    no ceremonial duties apart from odd honour guard cant really see the need for us to have no2 or barrack dress . Cmbt 95 could do for most things though it would be nice to wear it for remberance .but if issused it would spend most of time in the closet
  7. I make plenty of use of my smart kit. I wouldn't cost that much really, mind you the way the MOD negoitiates...
  8. Remembrance Parade in my area has been done in CS'95 for a few years now. Only Officers laying the wreath or taking the salute (for eg) wear SD. I think this is because the local units are no longer issued No.2 Dress - bit of a shame for the old guys who would like to see their soldiers looking smart.

    Another thing, they wear their medals on CS'95 for this. Weird or what?
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    When 7 Regt got issued their Bosnia medals in 96 I recall they got them where C95. Did seem a bit strange but it was in theatre.

    No.2 (brown stuff?) were easily supplied at my old Bn so no idea what the problem is - rarely wore it though but every parade (e.g. rememberence parade) it would be turned out and we'd all be fitted.
  10. Needs must as the Debbil drives and other homilies.
    I have done a couple of freedom parades where efforts were made by QMen to get enough 2s to equip a Coy but they had to start fighting months in advance.

    The default option for Remembrance has got to be CS95 now because there simply aren't enough 2s in the system to equip all those parades on the same day.

    CS95 is the military equivalent of jeans and a T-shirt which is perhaps why it seems odd to wear it on parades but I think that the beancounters have won that battle so we should perhaps focus our efforts on getting permission for the blokes to wear their ribbon groups on the 95 shirt. After all, there are enough gaudy patches being worn on both jackets and shirts alike nowadays so the camouflage argument has been well and truly cack-piped. What's the point of gongs if they can't be worn?

    You don't have to go far to see parade pics from the 50s where everyone is in battledress with all the trimmings.
  11. That's very true - but I think it would look very odd (a bit Banana Republicish?).

    Another thought - what about the slanted pockets. Slanted ribbon bars would look very strange.
  12. Think it is down to the QM and how wily he is. Very few units as far as I can tell (TAwise anyway) get blues or 2s.

    In fact, have just remembered that my Q told me that we cant indent for them because only Sergeants and above are entitled to them except in ceremonial units.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I think your Q smelleth of poo...
  14. Perhaps so, but he does know the system backwards and he's only managed to get a load of old ones for our medal parade. I'm quite sure if he could have got them officially then he would have done.

    Normally, I'd have agreed with you but for once he isnt expecting a bottle of whisky for acquiring them so he has no reason to lie about his acquisition skills!
  15. It may be galling for our territorial brothers in arms not having No2 dress, but I know of large numbers of regular soldiers who haven't been issued with a set either (Cost cutting Old Boy, don't you know!) - mostly those who joined in the last few years. : :?