Uniforms no longer required


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An old friend died about a year ago and his widow has decided she wishes to sell his mess dress, SD, etc. He was regular WO in Royal Signals and then commissioned in RLC (TA).

Where would be the best place for her to get in touch with in order to sell them please.
I believe there is a thrift shop at Blandford (at least there used to be). You could try there.


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My thanks gentlemen. I shall pass that info on and see how things go.
theres a shop in catterick garrison called western district taylors that buys and sells mess dresses and service dresses , dont know if that would be any help
Maj (Retd) J*hn B*rr*tt is the chap you need to speak to - if you wish, PM me and I will provide you with a contact number.

Hi E-Layer. Managing to avoid the Cyclones and floods down there?

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