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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Bodley, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. I would like to sell [prices on application] or find a good home for the following. They are smart uniforms and particularly suitable for ACF. They fit 5'5" tall, 36" waist, 27" inside leg. The hats are 56 /58 cm - 7" in old money:
    1. Service Dress Jacket and Trousers (currently Colonel insignia but used to be RSM)
    2. Sam Browne fitted with clasp
    3. Herbert Johnson SD hat (Col) (this is tight and would be a better fit for 55cm)
    4. Samuel Windsor shiny brown toe cap shoes (6 1/2)
    5. Silk SD tie
    6. Various rank insignia including red tabs
    7. Brown gloves (small hands)
    8. REME stable belt (medium)
    9. No 1 Dress hat (Col)
    10. Mess kit jacket, trousers (with elastics) and waistcoat (Col)
    11. ACF titles for mess kit (gold on red)
    12. Embroidered beret badge (Col)
    13. Patent black boots (7)
    14. Liberty DPM silk scarf
  2. Are there many ACF full Colonels, and why do you have only 7 boots?
  3. Cos he's an octopus who lost a leg in the great battle of jubilee.
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  4. Who did they belong to... Capt Mainwaring?
  5. 1st post and selling all manner of tat. The ARRSE thrift shop is in business!
  6. How much for the scarf seeing as winters on its way? Serious Q PM me.
  7. Lawrence of Arabia was 5' 5" tall.

    Is the REME stable belt a Red Herring? (Idiomatically speaking)
  8. And a Colonel too (ok, a Lt Col, it's hard being a pedantic cnut)!

    But he didn't live long enough to eat enough pies and quails eggs to get a 36 inch waste!
  9. He was a master of disguise. I saw him dressed up as Peter O'Toole once.

    Some might say. Grassy Knoll theories abound...
  10. Rumour has it he was even RAF for a while - which kept him out of Cav and forced him into RTR (or the corps that it was)...
  11. Aye he liked a hiding, I mean he liked to hide.
  12. The story goes that Lawrence was captured, beaten and raped by Turkish troops in Deraa so that could explain the RAF being his choice over the Army. :)
  13. Is it to much of a cheap short to say, "It explains the RTR (or the corps it was) thing too"? It isn't? Oh good.
  14. "Don't tell him Pike".