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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Had a debate with another arrser about this the other night, couple of questions for you lot out there and could be a fun. No wahs here from me.

    Is it against any regs to travel in uniform to TAC and back home, or might it be a local decision (for part 1 or 2 orders)?

    If not, is there another good justified reason (that CO/OC would obv not have considered) not to anyway?

    If security state is not even remotely special then other than normal vigilence is there a good reason not to, or is the risk negligable?

    Scenario to look at: What would you do if you had your full issue of kit out with you, plus extra warm kit/webbing pouches/rations/whatever you would take etc and have returned from a weekend or even two week field ex or itd/mil skills weekend and you had nowhere secure to leave it at TAC. You have no personal transport, taxis/public transport is fine, cadging a lift not likely to happen. You are then locked out of your house (just for fun). You can add a camp bed if role means you'll use it often enough.

    There are no planks of wood, minefields or toggle ropes to hand - you need to be online by 2100, it's just passed 1600.

    A few of my ideas, not necesarily ones I'd use but some starters:
    1. Pick up kit and walk/take transport home, gleaming boots, berret on, smile on face, 20/30/bedford kgs on my back.
    2. Take a cab with kit to mainstreet near home, walk last few hundred meters or so - meaning you don't give out home address to random organisation.
    3. Das bus/train

    There's some non kit ideas too but I'll let you explore them, just consider the amount of kit you'd have - an awfull lot, and what you've been briefed/trained on specifically. While we're here and I don't want to start another thread, are compression sacks for doss bags a crap idea and therefore should not be used??
  2. They don't like you to. I was told to put a civi jacket on when travelling or not to travel in it at all if you can and just get changed at the TAC...

    I think your taking the issue abit too far there though :lol: Of course if you've just come off exersise and have no other alternative but to travel in uniform your hardly going to get a bollocking for it. I've walked home in mine with bergen and such, simply because there was hardly enough time to sort your shit out as the stores werent open for long and the fact that I had no transport and no dosh on me for a cab, anyways if somebody was after a squaddie they'd just hang outside the big massive yellow building that says TA all over it and contains military vehicles. They don't want you to do the impossible, just more common sense when it can be applied and when you don't have to wear unifrom to travel, don't, or make it as discreet as possible...

    You see lads walking around in it here and there, even saw one fella shopping around ASDA in his...me personally, I don't even put it on the washing line....
  3. I remember coming back form a Sunday match late afternoon and early evening to see a lad in civies but wearing full CEFO , carrying bergan and skidlid, almost slipped into NCO mode before realising that I was an EX-NCO and walked out the station to see another twenty odd lads and ladettes dressed similarly, I then sussed it was members of the local TA unit after w/e camp, yes they were in civies but considering they were fully geared up it didn't take a genius to suss who and what they were.

    In other words sometime the strict no uniform rule is pants considering what you carry or even look like.

    many moons ago when the rules where a hell of a lot stricter I remember four lads getting gripped on a course on monday morning for thier dress when leaving camp for the weekend, they were shocked as they had stuck to the travel only in civis rule until it was pointed out that all four of them wore Maroon T Shirts with various para and airborne forces insignia on them
  4. When i was with my Glasgow unit I had to change in and out of kit at bty due to anti forces sentiments running around the village i lived in ( even the pub landlord suggested that i didn't wear my unit t-shirt). This was not a direct order from the boss but more a suggestion on his part. I guess its up to you depending on where you live. Middle of nowhere or in towns with big forces presence it's probabaly not a problem. Best bet is check it out with your boss. As for Welly's post I remember my days back in the cadets where we had to load bergans and webing into coaches in black polly bags and ride arround looking like a bunch of school boy t**t's just incase our old friend from across the water decided to have a pop (not that A. they would have given 2 rats a**es about having a crack at us and B. It's not like you can mistake a bunch of spotty 13 to 15 something with the real mob.

    However just to side track all this travel in civvy kit is fine until some muppet of a rupert decides one year that we'd visit Vimmy Ridge ( Staying at napier barracks so short hop over channel). If staying in a civvy camp site in 12 x 12's and scranning up using hexi's and even though in civvy's still falen in in three ranks and marching in true millitary fasion. Kind of gives the game away dosen't it
  5. You credit them with too much intelligence or more likely too much human decency. You may remember a right-angle head torch being made into a bomb and left outside a cadet centre. One young lad lost his sight IIRC.
  6. Was in Tesco last weekend and saw local CAV Regt SNCO in full kit sans beret. Just gave him 1000 yard stare. :evil:
  7. Actually the barracks of 10 Coy, 4 Para and A Sqn, 21 SAS, which was shared with the local cadet unit.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This subject is revisited every now and again with ever increasing obtuseness.

    There is no specific terrorist threat to on or off-duty servicemen in the UK at present and, as a result, it has been policy since the mid-to-late 90s that servicemen should be seen 'out and about' in uniform. The purpose of this is to reaffirm the military's links with the local community and to remind civilians that servicemen and women are a normal part of the community and not freaks and weirdoes. Thus military uniform may be worn when travelling on duty, from home to work (and back) or on leave. Uniform should not, however, be worn in places where it might bring the military into disrepute like pubs and clubs, and other places of 'public entertainment'.

    However, there may be specific local reasons why uniform should not be worn, in which case a prohibition will doubtless appear on Part One's or in unit standing orders.

    The historical reason for the uniform ban was a small number of attacks on service personnel at their homes in UK and Germany in the 1980s. My own view at the time - and now - was that this was a mistaken policy which made us look weak. I'm prepared to bet that if the same thing had happened in the US, then they would simply have allowed servicemen to carry side-arms in public. When I was a child, in the late 60s and 70s, it was an everyday thing to see servicemen in uniform, going about their daily lives. My family come from the Welsh borders and I can recall seeing uniformed SAS personnel doing their shopping in Hereford as late as about 1980.

    Personally, I'm always happy to see properly dressed service personnel in public and I have no qualms about travelling in uniform.
  9. After Vietnam, the US armed forces had a bit (!) of a confidence crisis and more or less stopped the practice of wearing uniform in public. Offices in the Pentagon were full of three and four star generals in suits.
    One day, the secretary of state for defence (excuse name, can't remember!) visited and more or less ordered them to start wearing uniform again, to encourage them and the public to be proud of the US armed forces.

    Result? Higher profile and more public support for the military (even if not the operations they are involved in!).
    Do you ever see the US Army budget getting cut because they are shy, apologetic and retiring?

  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Off thread, but you were nearly right. 10 Coy 4 Para location, 21 have never been based at that location. The cadet lost his left hand and the sight in his one remaining working eye.

    On thread, I think it is best avoided, but if you have to FFS be smart and act courteously to those you barge past in your CEFO.

  11. My bad, I had them both placed at White City in my head, along with a Tp of 63.
  12. In a ideal world (not the one we are in obviously) your TAC should provide a decent sized secure locker that your can keep all your kit in with laundry facilities as well, the biggest locker Ive ever been allocated is no bigger than a bedside cabinet, handy for keeping a towel and wash kit in, oh and the last occupants old grots!
  13. Laundry facilities? Well, we could stand under the MT washdown...
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Or alternatively, you could leave your issued kit in the stores, personal kit in your small locker, and just take the dirty bits of uniform home in a small sports bag for washing. A wacky, off the wall, wild idea, but it might just work!