Uniformal - Leeds/Rothwell

I believe they went under. Goodalls (messdress.co.uk) moved to Rothwell a year or two ago.

If that fails, we have a REME Sgt that mounts medals (in Sheffield), I could possibly act as a go between (I'm Leeds based)
S_D, may not be much use to you, but I feel this deserves a mention.
I know of a guy who had donated his original medals to a suitable museum. He then obtained (good) copies, and arranged to swap these for the originals. He approached Citation Medals to enquire about the cost of mounting the copies, and was told that they would do it free of charge.

Citation are based in Hull
http://www.citationmedals.co.uk/medals services.htm

Nice to see that there are some people out there for whom profit is a secondary consideration.

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