Uniform to work

i know the uniform to work and should you sholdn't you debate has gone round and roudn and round however......

on the card sent by HRH it states a wear your uniform to work day as part of the celebrations - to which I asked work about it - (I work on a naval base so any chance to annoy the skates! ) after it has gone around the ouses a bit they return my email with the TA 100 website address stating nothing is mentioned! - anyone know where I can find a link ?
This is going to really annoy me, I saw this somwhere very recently but I cant remember where. I am looking for it now and if I get it will post soonest. I work on an army base & I am very keen to wear my uniform and show off my TA beret around the place, its important to show the regulars that the TA are around, active and proud!


P.S. Whilst writing this, I think I may have worked out where I saw it. I think it might be in the latest soldier mag, next to the article on Gen Dannett. I dont have a copy handy at work but will check later

*edit* P.P.S Aha, got a copy of soldier mag. It is on Pg 15, under the picture of Her Majesty. July 16 - Voluntary uniform to work day

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