Uniform to work day - TA 100

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by supermark500, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Great idea - I'm proud of my 'twice a citizen' status

  2. Bad idea - I'd rather not test my employers support this way

  3. Bad idea - I'd rather not test my work colleagues support this way

  4. Great idea - I'm happy for anyone to know about my military connections

  1. Opinion is split but overall, this appears to be an idea from the centre without any real consultation with those that it directly affects. I for one would not be seen dead with my uniform on at work - for more reasons than I can be bothered to articulate on here. Better to effect a poll.
  2. I'd much rather wear a unit shirt than uniform.
  3. just a shirt? - That'll make the company newsletter more interesting!!
  4. I'm going to do it (& take a tin around the office collecting for help for heroes or ABF at the same time). Its no different than wearing your uniform whilst popping into a service station to grab a grease burger on the way back/to an exercise or wearing it whilst filling up your car on the way to the TAC. Alright you might get some office jibes or some unpleasant comments but if we can't have a little pride in what we do what's the point. Although I would completely understand if you live in a 'sensitive' area and chose not to, that's just common sense!
  5. Working in Belfast, as I do, I think Ill be giving this a miss.
  6. I'm still planning on having a "Wear Cam-cream to work day" next week.
  7. As I work in an MDHU nobody would even notice round here. There are so many C95 I'd just blend in.
  8. I can't say that I support this but perhaps more worryingly, and symptomatic of the current malaise within the organsation of TA 100 (a pageant and they seem to have ground to a halt), there has been a paucity of consultation or advertising on this.

    There is little or no point in members of the TA turning up at their workplace (this of course assumes that the bulk of the modern TA has a workplace - I'm not so sure) in uniform without this being supported by a national TV and Advertising campaign.

    Otherwise, uniforms will appear in workplaces and the onlookers will have no idea why...members of the TA will spend all day explaining it, undermining the principle and generally adding no value whatsoever. Moreover, many employers will object or would have liked to have been consulted (permission granted?) and it won't do the wearer any good by randomly turning up in Uniform..an ill thought through initiative methinks.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Nothing like a bit of blind speculation, is there?

    The instructions are quite clear. Units are to seek volunteers, and then ensure that both the volunteer and workplace are suitable. There is then to be a process of discussion with the employer to ensure the attendance in uniform would be welcomed.

    The unit is then to collect information for a "media pack" on each soldier to be used for local boy stories, press releases etc.

    So, no surprises to employers, no random turning up, press plan in place. Whether it works as a piece of PR or not is yet to be seen, but strangely enough WT other people may have also gone through the same thought processes as you. The instruction covering all of this is dated 07 May.
  10. Hi Duke, would that instruction be a DIN, then? Just that I couldn't see it via ArmyNet portal, but then it doesn't have them all.
    A couple of our personnel are doing this (incl the OC) but doubt it's driven by the official instruction. :roll: A word in the clerk's ear to draw the instruction to the OC's attention might be called for!
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Instruction is from HQ Regional Forces, Wilton titled:


    Actually, there is a typo in the title and "general" is spelled "GENENERAL", but who cares.

    I have not seen it as a DIN.
  12. Being a teacher I can imagine the abuse factor being quite high, from both staff and students. Then again I am leaving in two weeks so what the hell...

    I have seen absolutely nothing about employers packs etc. anywhere though...
  13. No I wouldn't do it. Its bad enough being ripped by regs on here for being in the TA. But to let Joe Public have a pop, no thanks. I'm proud of being in the TA but I don't need the extra grief. Most of the great unwashed thinks we are all like Dads Army characters anyway.
  14. The wife's work (council) has been sent some info i only knew about it through here, nothing heard through unit channels??

    as for the poll, would i do it! probably not!
  15. Don't think I'll bother somehow, the RSM would most likely beat me with a stick.