Uniform to Work Day 2010 (ABN 32/10)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fluff_eei, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Good morning ladies and gents,

    I thought I would kick off the (judging from reading last year's topic) highly polarising discussion on this year's "Uniform to Work Day", the Army Briefing Note for which is available in the news section on the front page of Armynet and should hopefully have made it into your unit's part one orders as well. I'd be interested to see if consensus has changed from last year?

    All the best,

  2. I dont see what it achieves, do we really want binmen dressing up for the day in S95 gear and it looking as if the A Team is on a mission ?

    I'd rather stand in the town centre for a day handing out leaflets to disinterested crustys whilst trying to entice them to take a look at all our up to date kit.
  3. I'll feel a cnut standing in my workshop on my own, welding and burning holes in my 95s......
  4. Our boss is doing her best to create some enthusiasm. Bless.

    I'm going to do it, because I'm really looking forward to saying one thousand times:
    "No I'm not in the fcuking TA, I'm in the fcuking Air Force. No I don't fly a fcuking plane or a fcuking helicopter. Yes I'm really looking forward to killing babies in Afghan. Yes I love being shouted at whilst doing pressups in a puddle. No I don't actually live off bully beef and pond water. Yes the SLR was a much better rifle. Yes that bloke off the Office is exactly what all the others in the TA are like (ha!). No you don't take your fcuking Uzi home on a Sunday night. No I couldn't just tell 'the Generals' to fcuk off because it's an unjust war when I'm called up. Why yes I do look rather handsome in green, my phone number is....."

    But mostly because I'm a walty b'stard.
  5. I can see you all now........ ;)

  6. that's why I wont be doing this uniform to work day either plus the fact i work with loads of blokes with funky beards who ride their magic carpets 5 times a day
  7. Just a thought but aren't we instructed not to overtley display that we we are in the military? I think it comes up in one of the MATT's ???
  8. are you stalking me smudge?
  9. if i was you "wanna be" i would defo wear my uniform just to piss them off!

    but make sure you have a safe room in your house ;)
  10. Fixed that for you. :D
  11. Personally, I'd rather go in naked. It would be much easier to explain...
  12. I would but I can't get my CBH's into my bunny suit overshoes and it's hot enough in the lab that frankly I think I'd melt. :-D
  13. Did it last year, got loads of bone questions and the office homosexuals and office dolly's saying "I love a man in uniform"........ I looked like a bag of shit as always. I'll be skipping it this year.
  14. Not a hope in hell. No f**king chance.

    (and other expressions in a similar vein)
  15. Wear my uniform to uni? I'll get attacked as a baby killer by a host of left wing radicals!! Or get misidentified as a male stripper... :oops: