Uniform to Graduation

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Scavenger, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Have any of you fine chaps worn, or are planning to wear uniform for your graduation ceremony? Do you know anyone that has?

    Perhaps those with bursary's are more likely to?

    How did it go? Were you encouraged to?

  2. Personally, I think you can foxtrot oscar. Wear a suit like 95% of the others who will be there.
  3. Twat. Not even the seppo ROTC types- who are commissioned the same day they graduate- wear uniform to their commencement ceremony. They get changed into uniform for the commissioning ceremony later in the afternoon.

    (Plural of bursary is bursaries, BTW.)
  4. ive passed my cycling profeciency and i collect my certificate this afternoon...............................................
  5. In an ideal world, where the armed forces were appreciated and admired by all, including students, this would be considered a smart, if somewhat ostentatious, thing to do.

    You, however, live in the real world.

    'Nuff said?
  6. I bet you're one of those who wore a softie to lectures. Sad.
  7. A graduation?
    A wedding, funeral, parade is understandable.
    But a graduation?
    You should be thinking more about getting into some stinking chicks there, not wearing a uniform.
  8. Get a grip. It would be OTT if you had just commissioned and had a decent SD. As an OCdt in scruffy No2s at best ? No way Jose.
    Decent dark suit, shiney shoes and OTC tie ?
  9. Check with your university. A lot of them have very strict rules about what you can wear to graduation.

    I had to do a quick change into a white shirt in the back of Dunn and Co half an hour before the ceremony on being told that I would not be allowed to graduate in the blue shirt I was wearing.

    Military uniforms were explicitly prohibited at my university. I was told of another uni that forbids graduating women from wearing tights. It's stockings or bare legs. God knows how they check this.
  10. Yeah suit with regimental tie is the best bet. Well done on graduating anyway.

    BTW any good looking gash on your course?
  11. Sounds like a perfect job for an old pervert, where do I queue?
  12. Well its a tough job, but damn it I give it 100% afterall its important that these rules are applied and followed.

    Dude seriously why would you want to graduate in NO2's firstly your moterboard means you cant wear your cap. the gown will cover most of your 2's and your pictures will look abysml.

    Secondly your just singling yourself out to be called a prat by both members of the OTC and other students/lecturers.

    Thridly is a good officer one that carries out their duties to the best of their abilities without drawing undue attention to themselves.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    For even considering it, you Sir are a:

  14. Depends which University. It's an allowable order of dress at Oxford, but if you're at Spunkbridge Polytechnic then you would look a bit of a chopper...
  15. I did. But it was quite hard to take notes, particularly with the drawcord tightened and the hood up. Also a bit of a fag letting down the inflatable mattress and zipping out of it at the end of the lecture.