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Uniform spotters

I know spam marines mess dress have it undone except at the neck, but their MD is blue, not red. One would expect it to be english, because it is red. What other countries wore red/scarlett as their old battle uniform?
Yeah, I was just going to add that the piccie at the top of the anchor page of the image is also of canadian officers, and is taken by the same fellow. Tis a candian, mystery solved, lets go to the palace for tea and stickies
Image is of a Canadian.. [ possible Honourary ] Lt. Col. from the looks of the crown and pips on the collar...know of at least two regiments with cutaway mess kit like that[ Royal Regimernt of Canada, for one ], though the knotwork on the sleeve and the vest has me thrown off for a bity.. will have to persue my records for the unit. Purple ribbon and medal round the neck look to me to be either a chivraly recognition or a Provincial gong, though the image is , sadly, a bit fuzzy to say specificially...
spoter mode on : The medal hanging round his neck looks like a canadian commander of the order of military merit a sort of CBE eqivalent and the last medal is the canadian forces decoration and there is a queens golden jubilee medal in there too spoter mode off :
Without seeing cover or badge I would say (based on colours of facing and stripe) probably is one of:
The Saskatchewan Dragoons
or The King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC)
or The British Columbia Dragoons
or Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC)

All are reserve regiments. Locations of first three are obvious from the names and are Anglophone, the fourth is from Ottawa area and as you might guess, Francophone.

Order at neck is probablty Commander, Order of Military Merit (C.M.M.)
Order of Canada is red and white,
Royal Victorian Order would have tiny red stripe next to white which I cannot see in photo
Provincial orders have wide variety of ribbon colours but none like this.

Hope this was helpful, interesting or at least not too boring.
Just asked on the Canadian site...seems he may be a Mountie?

not 100% sure i couldnt find anything on the site that gave clues, but the stripe on the pants and the red coat kind of make me think he is an RCMP officer
That's only the first response, so I have no idea if the person who replied knows his stuff....

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