Uniform spotters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Facey_Romford, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. he couldn't be LoF could he?
  2. That's libel!

    I know Cutaway and that's definitely not him, he's not nearly as old or fat!

  3. Looks like Berman's Theatrical Costume service to me.

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  4. I know spam marines mess dress have it undone except at the neck, but their MD is blue, not red. One would expect it to be english, because it is red. What other countries wore red/scarlett as their old battle uniform?
  5. Has Beefy Botham started walting????
  6. Canadian? Can anyone can blow up the symbol above the stripes on the staffy in the back to see if it's a maple leaf?
  7. Image quality aint good enough to zoom-in...any more wild guesses?
  8. is that on OBE type medal round his neck?
  9. def ,, canadian,,
  10. Well, the user history of the guy who submitted it shows extensive knowledge of Canada, particularly Edmonton and Alberta. :D
  11. Yeah, I was just going to add that the piccie at the top of the anchor page of the image is also of canadian officers, and is taken by the same fellow. Tis a candian, mystery solved, lets go to the palace for tea and stickies
  12. Image is of a Canadian.. [ possible Honourary ] Lt. Col. from the looks of the crown and pips on the collar...know of at least two regiments with cutaway mess kit like that[ Royal Regimernt of Canada, for one ], though the knotwork on the sleeve and the vest has me thrown off for a bity.. will have to persue my records for the unit. Purple ribbon and medal round the neck look to me to be either a chivraly recognition or a Provincial gong, though the image is , sadly, a bit fuzzy to say specificially...