Uniform sizing chart

I have just received a uniform sizing chart and as getting hold of the SA is like trying to put fog in a bag, I thought I would ask for some help on here. I just want to ask that if they want sizes in cm, how do I measure my shoe size & glove size? Where do I measure from & to & what about width? I take a size 8 (S) in boots but I don't know where the S part is measured from!

Thanking you in advance

I believe that the S means narrow fitting.
Bring back the Mondopoint system for footwear, oh and a pair of 264/104 for me please... remember that?

When people had the weird idea that a correctly fitting boot was important...? :roll:
Ha, I have just had the clothing store order 2 pairs of danner boots for me!

Nice as that may sound, my ankles are shot and hopefully the boots will sort me out.... but they are still Guchhi! :)

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