Uniform Shortage?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Brew_Up, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. I joined the TA in October, and i was told on my TAFS 2 weekend at the end of November that would have my second issue by Christmas but i still haven't got it. Has anyone else got this problem?
  2. and ??

    Wait like the rest of us had to Stag on and keep your gunpowder dry, as we have to
  3. This is down to your unit policy, most won't give you your second issue until you have a firm date for your CiC (or whatever it is you have to do). Too many blokes pass TAFS and are never seen again.
  4. Our unit doesn't give second issue kit until the Tuesday night before you go on your CIC.

    Worry not, you only really need one set of kit for your recruit training. You don't get the opportunity to change into your freshly ironed shirt in the field. :wink: Also, if you can't wash it between Sunday and Tuesday, get some better washing drills! :)
  5. you probably cant look after the one you have got so why confuse you with another set :wink: