Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Subb0, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello, this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd ask (I've asked once or twice at my unit but never really got a good answer)
    When do you wear your other bits of kit and what not? like the jumper and shirt etc. (I finally got cold enough to put my woolly jumper on and its snug!)
    It might seem like an odd question but i've had some of this stuff for a while and seems a little odd as all I wear is c95's

    Thank you
    (And what do I do with that pull over fleece shirt thing? )
    some of my things are still in there packets!
    Thank you for the help and advice.
  2. The pullover fleece thing you are describing sounds like the norwegian. Is is worn under the combat jacket for colder conditions.

    The jumper as far as I know stopped being issued a while ago now along with lightweight trousers and the shirts. These were normally worn within barracks ad combats only worn whilst on excersise. At the introduction of combat 95, it changed to wearing the combats all the time.

    From what I have seen and heard recently, some units are deciding to reintroduce the older stuff and, for example, wear the jumper along with the combats. Personally, I never liked the jumper as I always felt very trussed up and almost claustrophobic in it, being so close around my neck.

    And it's a pain in the arrse to sew badges onto aswell !!!

    You've also missed the joys of the chinese fighting suit aswell. Do they still issue thermals??
  3. When its cold wear the warm stuff.... and when its not....don't

  4. Got to be a wah..... really?
  5. Or a Walt!!! :roll:
  6. no not a walt I just go issued the jumper and stuff and not seen any one bar I'm awaiting phase1bravo at moment. I was just curious about half the gear i've got as i've had it dished out and not told what half of it does.
  7. If it's got two arms on it, then it goes on top.

    If it's got two legs on it, then it goes on the bottom.

    Simple really. :roll:

    Seriously though, what kit have you got that you don't know what it is/does?
  8. Err, Phase 1b, and you don't know what your kit does?
    Fcuk me...
  9. I think he understands what trousers and jumpers do. It sounds like you've been issued a lot of old kit that we no longer have a reason to wear. The wolly jumper, lightweight trousers and OG shirts are an example of these. Pack them in a box and forget about them.

    T C
  10. You elderly cynics may not remember, but when you're a recruit you really don't want to stand out by wearing something you haven't been given express permission to...

    Witness the shirtsleeves angst that grips recruits come autumn...

    ..and putting your hand up to ask if you can wear a jumper seems a non-starter too.
  11. I wouldn't worry. I've got bits of kit in boxes and drawers which some stroppy storeman at some god-forsaken warehouse or other has thrown at me and I'll readily admit that I have no idea what they are for and have never missed not having them with me. And that's after a couple of decades. Admittedly, none of those is as simple as clothing.
  12. I can understand items like bayonet frogs for the old SLR or Lanyards for 2's or even collar dogs for 2's, but he's TA, what do the TA get issued that you couldn't work out what it's for?
  13. You'll get a kit list for part 1B so just take whats on the list and don't worry about anything else.
  14. This need not be a wah. A girl possibly. And definitely STAB. :)
  15. STAB? Defo sounds like a WAH though! How have you coped without wearing your Norwegian?! Try training in Scotland, gets damn cold..