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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. We should have our new uniforms (PCS that is ) by next years Remembrance day parade.

    I was wondering if dress regs mentioned the wearing of medals on pcs at all.

    I don't have any myself but I was going to wear my Grannys medals because she was in the WRVS in WW2.
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  2. You wear them on the same side as your iron cross and hero of the soviet union.
  3. you can wear them on the right hand side.

    you can also wear her lucky knickers replete with spermicidal signatures from USAAF personnel as head dress as long as you wear the cap badge somewhere just behind your left ear.
  4. They will be issued on a velcro strip, so they can be worn on the chest or on the arm dependant on if you're wearing the jacket or UBACs at the time.
  5. FFS who cares wear it on your ass....next
  6. I don't want to dig up old ground but ... Up and In or Down and Out?
  7. Down and out.
  8. Twisters or no twisters?
  9. What day do we get paid this month?
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  10. Where exactly does the cap badge go? Are there different rules for the parachute regiment (apart from spelling rules)?
  11. Do we get paid on Christmas Eve this year?
  12. I've heard we all get an extra weeks leave at Christmas to save money on the Army's heating bill.
  13. Can you use a daysack at night?
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  14. I think the Para's are now wearing the badge on the back of the head, as every other hat is now wearing them over the left ear, so obvioulsy they will have to wear theirs further around, wont be long till they are over the right ear ;-)
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    I'm a bloke who finks ironing is what women should do. Do they have women in basic to do my kit!