Uniform question.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DaPs, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Hello. Seeing as i am joining the Army soon, i just wanted to know about the uniform.

    Is all of the uniform that you get when you sign up new? I was wondering whether it was new or used.

  2. New.

    But don't worry, it will all be 3 sizes too big for you and will either shrink to fit or you will grow to fit. The Army isn't too bothered which...

    The main problem comes at the end of the second week when you have to swap shreddies with your mate via the laundry service. I never did find a pair of shreddies that fitted me after that. :twisted:

  3. new..... not a chance. I think the only new piece of kit was me!!
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    Another question.

    Seeing as it's all new, where does the kit go when a soldier leaves the Army? Also, how do they make uniforms without knowing how many are joining?
  5. they get a clarevoyant to predict how many will be on the next intake. i believe mystic meg is being used at the moment.

  6. 1. EBay
    2. Simple. All your uniforms are made to measure. The little Jewish tailor arrives the same day you do and makes them all from scratch. Saves wastage.
  7. This has to be a Wah!.........Doesnt it all get sold to airsoft walts?
  8. Anything that has been next to your skin goes in the bin.

    Anything else that isn't in too bad a condition is recycled (remember that we are not talking exclusively clothes here...).

    We know roughly how many people will join per annum (plus and minus) and we know roughly how many combat trousers (for example) will be required to replace those damaged by wear and tear. Add on 10-20% because this is an inexact science and you have your target demand.

    Factor in the reduction in the clothing budget caused by, firstly, the Treasury and, secondly, Air Marshal Miggin's desire for the latest whizz bang rocket and each Battalion QM will have exactly 4.73% fewer combat trousers than he actually needs.

    This is the point at which the CO desperately needs a crusty old LE QM to track down the missing combat trousers. The QM must then steal/beg/borrow the trousers (one of AM Miggin's rockets may well go AWOL in the process..) and all is well in unit lines.

    Simple. :D

  9. Flashy's comment about the short Jewish tailor is completely true; in Week 1 he cuts off the bottoms of long combat trousers in order to shorten those trousers for short soldiers (usually Gunners and Tankies). In Week 2, he sews on the off-cuts to make trousers for tall soldiers (usually the Guards and REME).

    It is a good idea to remember that and ensure that your Platoon Corporal knows in which week you will need to be tailored.

  10. www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk
  11. Really descriptive site that. Almost every item is described as ideal for cadets, including such greats as the para smock and a giant camo net.
  12. When i handed back my kit they took my boots back as they were in good condition and the shit trainers which fucked my legs up aswell. I had a shirt which had be used before and my helmet etc.. But most of the kit was probably second hand haha.
  13. i'm been told my issued boots that havent been worn can not be passed on in unit so i think that you'll happily be getting second hand boots 'BNIB!' as ebay puts it!
  14. Nothing wrong with second hand boots. They get graded obviously, and if they're in good enough nick to be re-used, then they can't be completely mucked up!