Uniform question

can anyone explain why on the official pics of Uniform to Work Day on the mod website.. the 3 squaddies with the CGS all have household div trfs? i thought it was only Hcav and foot guards that wore that? and why does the officer at the back with the rir? caubeen have a garter pip (worn by HCav, Gren Gds and Cdm Gds)?

just curious,,, never seen that before


LargeImageTemplate Sir Peter Wall, joins Army Reservists on the Northern Line
The London Regiment:
The London Regiment - British Army Website

It has companies representing the old London Volunteers: PWRR (Queen's), London Irish, London Scottish and Fusiliers. It has recently been high-jacked by the Tarmac Technicians and dragged in to Luncheon District.

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