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Just out of curiosity, why does the WO1 on the far left have his lanyard on the opposite arm to his fellow Riflemen. Why don't all the Riflemen have lanyards, and does anyone know what that is on the cuff of the RAMC soldier?

I believe only rifles officers & SNCOs wear a lanyard (on different arms), and as WO1s wear officers SD as opposed to OR No. 2s he will also wear a Lanyard on the certain arm.

The stripe on the medics cuff indicates what CMT level she is I believe....


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Officers and WOs wear a 'Whistle Cord' on the right shoulder when a Cross Belt is not worn. SNCOs wear a lanyard on the left shoulder when the Cross Belt is not worn. JNCOs wear a lanyard on the left shoulder and Rfn do not wear either.

I think the difference in function between the two dictated which pocket and hence shoulder it was worn, e.g. a whistle in the right-hand pocket could be accessed by the left hand whilst the right hand was holding a sword or reins.
Another Clunge book launch by the looks of it?


She is my Coy medic and is one of the best ive came accross she saved quite a few boys last year.

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