Uniform Question (yes another one)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by rach-ni, May 4, 2006.

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  1. So, spending a bit of time this summer on one of Her Majesties War Canoes and will be in the Wardroom - after 1830hrs the RN change into 'Red Sea Rig' (White Open Shirt, Black Trs and Cummerbund)

    Previously when in a similar situation I've warn my 2's (more of a thing for when on duty rather than for scoff) but to be honest it doesnt really compare and is too bloody warm for the middle of the summer.

    What to do? Reckon I could dredge up Barrack Dress from the past and wear it sleeves up or what? Lightweights just look like sh1t so dont wanna go down that road.
  2. barrack dress, no question (he waits to be shot down in flames).
  3. Red Sea Rig for a soldier would be mess kit trousers, dinner shirt, cummerbund and bow tie. Or you could ask a Royal Marine what he would wear - on Rum Ration.
  4. Stockings, suspenders, basque............ :p:p:p
  5. I have just had this conversation with the captain of a Grey Funnel Line ship I will shortly be visiting. Barbarasson is spot on - Barrack Dress is the way ahead; hopefully garnished with an outrageous stable belt, clip clop brown shoes to mess up the decks and (naturellement) a side hat!
  6. You're thinking of the Brigade of Guards, Booties go naked.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I just cracked on with CS95 - one outfit for all occasions!

    Edited to add - I suppose it depends on how long you are there for and in what capacity.
  8. Solon is right. If they are dressing for dinner you can't tip up in barrack dress. You should wear the same as they do but buy a Regtl Cummerbund. Planters order may be appropriate.
  9. You are absolutely right. Spurs are not considered a good idea. you could get away with George boots if you do not want to wear wellies. Anyone wearing CS95 is IMHO quite beyond the pale and would be letting the side down.

    as for
    You're thinking of the Brigade of Guards, Booties go naked.

    Booties get naked having removed the basque etc. They never start from a straight form of dress. At least none of the ones I know would consider getting naked if only wearing blokes kit to start with. A proper level of perversion is de rigeur.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I worked for the Royal Navy for nearly a year, as the only Army officer in what was then a purely RN/RAF establishment - HQ CINCFLEET - and got away with outright murder dresswise. I reckon you could do t-shirt, bermuda shorts and flip-flops without too many worries: not forgetting the issue Oakleys on the back of the head.
  11. When I was at DSL Beaconsfield in the mid-80s (as a virtuous young full screw), I swear the Army Ruperts used to compete on orders of dress, with the Cav well ahead on points until the competition was ended when the RN won hands down. Their Russian Interpreters came up to Beaconsfield from the Deep West when the various establishments amalgamated. and one particularly spectacularly bearded aviator Lt Cdr decided that it was Naval tradition to grow his hair long and wear it in a queue, lashed in stout string (but not, alas, tarred). The Brigadier just stared at it when he saw it and wandered off, glassy-eyed.

    The RAF contribution was that one of their Nigels wore proper shoes one day, rather than those DMS abominations the others lived in. Tchah. Drivers heavy and light airframe and commissioned garage mechanics, to a man.
  12. Hmmm, doesnt seem to be a general trend in the answers! Surely wearing bits of mess kit would be a bit too much just for sitting about in the wardroom of an evening? I dont really know what to go with now, just want something a bit better than 95's (though as cpunk said you can get away with pretty much anything being a pongo somewhere like that!) Maybe I'll get away with just going planters or dog robbers and ditching the uniform (fairly unlikely though!)
  13. What about Monty's old shorts?

    I think going off with the RN used to be a golden opportunity to dress in Coles pattern shirt, trousers l/w, stable belt and chukka boots? So what has changed?!
  14. This is what RM officers wear to dinner aboard HM ships:


    Apparently they also have a long sleeve version, but I haven't ever seen it worn:

  15. Yeah that looks pretty much like Red Sea rig but with fancier trousers! Maybe that long sleeved one is a winter version?