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Discussion in 'ACF' started by pootle77, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello again everyone, another couple of very basic newbie questions here. I have been issued with my 95 kit and the trousers are about 10 inches too long... I have a pair of these green trouser twists, but am unsure of the correct way to sort my trousers ( do I just tuck them in my boots or use these twists things ? )

    The other question and sorry if this is really obvious, but which way up does the working belt go - as in little buckle attachments on top or on bottom.

    Thanks guys, am sure you will help me get there in the end :cyclopsani:
  2. Just hand the trousers back in and get a new pair that fit issued to you. If that's not an option pop the twisties on your lower leg about 2 inches above the ankles and fold the excess trouser fabric underneath them to blouson them about 1-2 inches above ankles.

    Not sure about the belt though. I was issued one without the buckles you're talking about - a regular working belt.

    Take it steady,

  3. for the belt remember the simple rule of "the male is always right" and insert the male bit through the hole in the female and it should slot together,
  4. The rear buckles should face down.
  5. Errm...Why should the rear buckles face down? I thought they should face up as if you would attach a yolk or sam browne?

    Or down I suppose if attaching a sword?

    Anyway, It doesnt bother me, as my belt doesnt have any buckles anyway!

  6. Agreed buckles face down unless you fit a yoke or other attachment

  7. The male part of the buckle goes on the right

    The male is always right
  8. The loops at the back of the belt go down. They're not for a yoke, but for a poncho roll, 58 pattern webbing style. Although my belt is only about a year old (and I'm looking at it now) it has a label in it which states "WAIST BELT 58 PATTERN LARGE"

    It looks nothing like my proper 58 pattern belt, so why the fcuk the MOD had them made I'll never know.
  9. Large eh Pitster?

    he he!