Uniform on the lash

Whilst in a Sh*thole In liverpool getting wellied A group of comouflaged Mongs in berets cam cream webbing and combats came to my attention. Upon looking at the cocking handle it appeared to be fully forward. I thought a group of Tax Dodgers doing a lets get dressed up as squaddies night thinking they'll pull a load of Thin Tall Blonde stunners wiv big tits. (Not realising that the uniform only helps ya pull Fat Midgets with Ginger hair a face like sadamm husseins dead nan and... well big tits.)


I decided that the boots where too clean and the berets wernt shaped like a chinook was about to drop off a load of crabs on it. So i walks over and says:

"What the fuck are you all doing Wearing that crap. Fancy dress is it."
"Nah we have just got back from Kosovo"
"Oh have you indeed, so your actually troops then are you"
"Yeah we are mate"
"So what the fuck are you all doing dressed liked that"
"Okay you little scroat see them fellas by the bar 2 of them are in your mob and are finishing their drinks. When theyre done they are gonna knock you out for being Knobbers... STAND BY"

"Arrr aye mate we are only messin... These two are cadets and im in training at blanford/Blamford/Wherever Not important???"

(I assume a signals depot by the cap badge)

"Well in that case I think your the only one in the shit then seeing as you should know better"

With the speed of a crow at DEPOT he was gone!!! The other two just seemed to disappear whilst i returned to my drink. What the fook is that all about? Cadets doing it is bad enough but actual troops doing it. Thats just pathetic If it had been my cap badge he was wearing i'd have ripped it off his head and "Beret Battered" the little rodent with it.
i know , personally i would have let them get on with it, i see them about in Liverpool ( Im from Liverpool :) ) most them tend to wear a mix and mash of USA/UK gear for a Stag or Hen night same as hen nights girls in Plod uniform etc , i see it as entertainment.

you need to chill mate lol , anyone with half a brain would know that Squaddies even Cadets know it is in advisable to wear unifom in public without a good reason so i would have allowed them to get on with and be ridiculed by all and sundry ;) especially at the 051 which is famous for underaged kids who are ex cadets or is in Cadets ( I know they go there which is why i don't :lol:)

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