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Are Cadet NCOs the only cadets allowed to wear No2 uniform or can regular cadets wear as well, plus is the wearing of the RA gun permitted.
we can wear them but we have to pay for them, so many cadets dont wear them.
unfortunatly i think it is only available from APC manual which is a restricted Document, and considering our one still contains stuff on barrack trousers, i hate to jump to conclusions, but its out of date.
Try County, they should have an up to date copy, a Restricted Document it may be, however, they should still be able to quote you the relevant extract, most Pamphlets that you get now will be Protected Restricted (the new caveat for Restricted), this should not be an issue.
will do, cheers

although its pretty dumb to be a Restricted document, its not like it shows how to make an IED.
Fair question. As to the manual being restricted, that is because while there isn't overly "sensitive" info in there, there is still information that should be kept safe. There is a lot of stuff in the APC manual that in my years as an instructor I have never used as it's way out of my field, and as people like blanket coverage, the whole document is restricted. As to No 2 dress, I assume you are a L/Bdr by your username. It depends mostly on your county. In my county, cadets over the rank of sergeant, and holding 4* can wear No 2 dress. Recently, though I was at a parade where the only people in 2s/SD were very senior officers and the standard bearer party. Hope this helps.
thanks everyone for the useful input, gonna speak to DC and CSM tomorrow.
By RA gun I take it that you are refering to the one worn by RA Sgts and SSgts ? IF so take note of the rank, don't try ndstick it on top of a unibrow

I am not sure of the regs but I think that RA badged Cadet Sgts and SSgts are NOT to wear the gun but wear the stripes and crowns ass approriate, however I think that RA badged SIs and SSIs are allowed to wear the gun.

Whatever you do please do not forget to wear your ACF red tabs to signify allegiance.
oh my tads will be, also out of interest why does the Pace stick split in two?
just checked the definition of Wah, and this is not one. i just like to find out about things i am not sure about and things out of curiosity. so where better than here where instrucors and regs are and can share the knowlage?
Pace sticks open in the middle so you can measure paces, like the legs on a (pair of) compasses you use to draw circles. Capisce?
Below is a handy link that goes in to Dress Regs. If you trawl your way through you will see that cadets may wear No2 dress providing that ACF titles are worn.

On another note, I am at an RA badged unit and we allow cadet sergeants and above to wear No2 dress although we don't allow the gun badge above the stripes. This helps as another identifier as cadet and not adult.

I hope you find the link of some use!

as far as i know, there is no restriction on cadets wearing no.2 dress, our county holds a pool of cadet sized no.2's (apart from forage caps) and issues them for specific parades (armistice day in france etc)

however they are all fusilliers badged, so they usually look biz as most of the cadets wouldn't know what to do with a hackle and end up looking like they've been covered in glue and lobbed through the stores backwards!!
over_and_out said:
... another identifier as cadet and not adult.
Apart from the 5 o'clock shadow, scars, lost finger tip(s), tattoo(s), extra 2 stone of muscle. Mind you, that's just the female cadets.
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