Discussion in 'ACF' started by Redshaggydog, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Quick question, my som joined the local Cadet Force in our home town in September. It is now (obviously) late Jan and still no uniform has turned up.

    I am now pretty vexed and want to start asking those nice questions like 'WTF is going on'.

    Is the time frame normal?
  2. Nah not normal, although it all depends on his county. Typically once he has given in his joining paperwork then its aroun six to ten weeks, unless the det commander is holding it back (poor attendance etc). I would speaking to the det commander who will chase it up with the CAA.
  3. No, some detachements won't put in the request for kit until they are sure the recruit is going to stay, but 4 months is far longer than necessary! All the kit is held at the HQ so is available soon as the request goes in for it. I'd recommend asking why there's a delay!
  4. Thanks for the advise.
  5. DC could have put request to County HQ, but it could be that they just don't have the uniform at county HQ, in your son's sizings, thus are waiting for a new order. We currently have that problem in my county, a real shortage of kit for small people.
  6. We're having a nightmare in London trying to get uniforms for the truppen. Mind you, i have never had to wait 4 months. Have a chat with the DC.
  7. I know a few DCs who would wait for new recruits to complete their Recruit Cadre and 1 Star before they were issued uniform, which may be the case here as your son should have easily completed the Recruit Cadre and most (if not all) of 1 Star by now. Although, yes, sizing issues are quite common with delaying kit being signed out.
  8. ? 1 star in 4 months..............
  9. obviously depends on the county but it shouldn't of been more than 6 weeks
  10. Sorry guys, but 1* should take at least six months IMO, and IIRC it even states that in one of the cadet publications that I have seen.
    Basic should take about 4 months on it's own.
    Either your counties are rushing stuff through and not training cadets properly, or you've got a real switched on bunch of cadets (not likely).

    The third option is that I'm completely confusing everything (most probably)
  11. One of the pams does indeed state how long training for each star level should take, and I've heard (not seen though) that ages are also quoted for when a Star Level can be completed.

    I was only at that Det for 8 months and the recruits certainly got their uniform only after they'd completed the recruit cadre, and I was well into teaching them 1 Star, and these were recruits who joined after I'd been posted to that Det. I guess it's of those stupid grey areas that yes, the pams say this, that and the other, but it depends on a whole host of factors in reality, some of which you've mentioned.
  12. Fair enough, can't argue with you there king.
    IIRC, the ages and time lengths were just advisory, but in our county, they don't let you take 3* until your at least 15, hence the reason we use the time lengths as they are.
    You get your uniform once you've paid your 10 pounds admin fee, we have no such thing as a recruit cadre, your just thrown straight into basic.
  13. In our county, there is also a long wait for small uniforms at the moment, a couple of my cadets have been waiting 5/6 months.
  14. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    In my Battalion, kit is issued as soon as £15.oo fee is paid.

    Ages are as follows:

    1* 13+
    2* 14+
    3* 15+
    4*/SCIC 16+

    Recruits test is done at Detachment level, 1* at Company and the rest of the boards take place on our one week spring camp attendad by the whole battalion
  15. Only personal experience here but when I joined as an adult my kit took nearly 6 months to arrive in fact I had done all my induction training and was only 3 weeks off my ITC when it did arrive. Even though my DC is incredibly swtiched on.

    Average seems to be about 2 months for kit then a further 2 months for the kit to go back as your 4 foot nothing cadet has been issued kit for a 6 foot in fatty fat fat size which they could use as a basha rather then uniform.