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Discussion in 'REME' started by Bodhisattva, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. It was nice to see a uniform in public this morning. Female Tiffy on the Jubilee Line, you got off at Canning Town.

    Well done for not hiding under the anonimity of civilian dress :D

    Not well done for having your left map pocket button unfastened :x

    Uniform in the public eye is a good thing but please make sure the standards are high.
  2. Pocket today, pouch tomorrow................. :roll:
  3. Submarine hatches mumble mumble.....

    Why didn't you grip her? It has obviously upset you. You should have leapt across the carriage and grabbed her around the throat, then hissed in her ear through gritted teeth that her fucking pocket was undone and that it's clowns like her that get people killed.
  5. It IS good to see folk out and about in their uniform these days. In my day we were not allowed in case we were murdered by a rabid Irishman and so had to cut about in a ridiculous 'half-dress'. Most unpleasant.

    But, as you say, if worn then it ought to be with pride and done so smartly. Only yesterday I passed a young man in combats, beret rolled and stuck in a belt loop, hand in pocket, walking through Salisbury, smoking. A shambles. As a now bearded 'ex' I felt it wasn't my place to grip him, but now wish I had. Don't know what regiment as I can't make head or tail out of all the new capbadges and boy scouts arm badges that now seem to flourish.
  6. Well, now that I am a (fairly recently) ex soldier, it was a battle against my conscience to not say something. I decided that I really need to let go of these little things and held my tongue. I do admit to immediately checking that my own dress standard was in order before I took a check pace and decided to keep quiet.

    I am sure others have done that? You see a soldier with a button undone, twister not tucked correctly and before you grip them, you check your own kit first so that you can't be accused of double standards.....I can't be the only saddo out there :D
  7. I can see your point of view Queensman. There is a purge on dress and standards within the Bulford and Tidworth Garrison at present driven by the top end of the food chain.
    Only recently I was following Mrs Desert Fox around the same area as your good self on a shopping tasking, when from a distance I spotted 2 soldiers in rag order outside a shop. Having sent Mrs DF on her way to enable me to stalk my prey as I approached them - they were Cadets - which caused a quick change of direction, and some adjustment of arcs with their close by commander.
    For what it's worth the shame of being gripped in public by an ex-serviceman or off duty current one would fix these dress offences, as the guys know the score they simply push the boundaries a little. In my opinion.
  8. On the other hand you could just get a life, instead of trying to retain your former existence...
  9. i don't think they should drop there standards or are even trying to relive former existence, they were once proud to wear the uniform and now what they stood for is being slowly taken apart... Once a soldier always a Soldier in my view

    i had an incident last armistice, i was in Salisbury hospital with 0A when the 11 o'clock drill started, i stood to attention for the last post as did a lady of relative senior age. This little oik, in greens, just sat there playing with his phone.... 2 minutes passed i was seething, then i stood again for the national anthem - i thought he would of seen a lady standing and a short haired gent (!) in walking trousers and boots and sparked that he was being scorned - but no, just more phone play.

    i did grip him - politely due to the environment - i got him to produce his mod 90 and took details... on way home i stooped off to have a gentle word with his RSM... i told him i would and i needed to follow through on my word - integrity and all that good stuff!!

    a few days passed and i got a letter from the RSM thanking me for my diligence and the CO contacted my bosses and thanked them etc...

    it does pay to grip people, the standards that some display are not that expected and even more so when in green
  10. On the few occasions I have had to grip lads in public (each time at an airport incidentally) when I was in civvies I have found the friendly approach works wonders.

    Mate, put your beret on, take hands out of pockets, etc your in the public eye and are letting your unit down said quietly in the ear normally gets the right shamefaced response.

    On the one occasion I got ‘attitude’ production of my ID card. A sharp word, followed by a demand to see his ID card and what unit he was in soon sorted the situation.
  11. Nonesense! It gives them someone to talk to. :D

    A bit like the bloke who came up to me on a train and said "Is that the new PLCE stuff?" He knew it was and knew more about it than me he just wanted an excuse to chat to me so his mates could be enthralled by his knowledge and expertise on all things army.
  12. Well done for the first half of your post, Not so well done for highlightling the henious crime of having a pocket undone.... you f ucking bellend.
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  13. I must congratulate gasmark9 on his due diligence. Normally when I spot a young lady in uniform I have to carry out a thorough examination of her upper pocket buttons, the last three were not wearing trousers but I never noticed!
  14. That's one way of looking at it, I suppose. But I prefer: I do have a life, and now it is mine not someone elses and it is very good. In my life I have more freedom and can make choices of my own.

    You too will leave the service one day - that's if you were ever in it. Assuming for the sake of argument that you are, I hope that when you are 'out' you will be as proud as I am of having been 'in'. My 'former existence' is an enormously important part of my 'make up', but that doesn't mean I dwell on or in the past. As someone else said above, 'Once a soldier, always a soldier'; I think that sums up how I feel. It is not a bad thing to try and preserve and live by the standards we maintained during military service.

    It saddens me when I come across people like you who seem to have failed to see the importance of 'standards' and how the Army appears to it's public - the people who pay for you and the same people who you have the privelege of serving. If you don't understand it now, God help you when you do leave. Get some pride in your uniform, you slouch and more importantly, get some fcuking pride in yourself!

  15. Urm, it is possible that she didnt know her pocket was undone? Hardly a thing done on purpose, if she had sleeves half rolled and a beret in her belt loop its a diffrent matter, but a button. Cmon Guys.