Uniform in public - which of these has you more outraged?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. ACF instructors walting on their wedding day

  2. Soldiers allowed to wear uniform on a gay pride march

  1. Having seen the ridicule provoked in the ACF "possible walt" wedding thread http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=100429/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html

    and the venom / disbelief that not only are soldiers allowed to attend a gay parade in uniform, but they can claim MMA as well...

    what are you more outraged by? (potentially) walting ACF instructors dressing up for their wedding, or serving soldiers being allowed to wear uniform in a gay parade through London?

    please feel free to register your outrage below :)

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  2. Kindly provide the third option , ALL OF THE ABOVE
  3. I don't give a monkies ref the gay pride march, fair game to them at least they are signed up and serving
  4. ....but like ramming their cocks up each others bottoms.

    Fair game to them???

    Fuck off. They're all diseased paedos too.
  5. You're patently a closet lolly scoffer flash :D

    Most of the gay pride marchers appear to be matelots or crabs anyhow, looks like most of em could do with the excercise

    I reserve the diseased paedos bit for the ACF adult walts
  6. Ahhh Flash, it's a good thing people like you are out of the Army. If cadet instructors wear uniform when they parade, then why not wear it at your wedding day? Just like other uniformed personnel do.

    As for wearing uniform at a gay pride parade, it's a bloody good idea. Just think Flash, you could go along as a cock in uniform...again.
  7. Shows how much you know, you spunk guzzling queen. Youre a combat teacher so therefore dont count as a real soldier.

    I dont think a Cadet AIs wedding consitutes an official parade. Regulars wear it because its their daily uniform (not 2's or 1s obviously but you know what I mean).

    Why do you think wearing rig at a poofs parade is a good idea?
  8. The two chaps on the far right of the photo look like London Scottish judging by the colour of those kilts.

    Fellow Jocks and london Jocks may be able to confirm. :D
  9. Surely strutting your stuff in your best rig on your wedding day is a lean towards homosexuality anyway. Nothing worse than seeing a bunch of cnuts loving how good each other looks in uniform stood with their hands placed one cupped over the other holding their genetalia when they have the choice to be in a suit, has always baffled me.

  10. What about Gay ACF adults wearing uniform at a civil service?

    I voted for the ACF, as seem as I think serving homosexuals have more of a right to wear uniform than someone who shouts at kids 4 hours a week and sometimes at weekends too.

  11. Quite obviously, they should be executed.
  12. i'm glad i put this in the NAAFI :) just wanted flash to be able to vent his spleen at two of his favourite targets.

    now if only there were a pic of Chubb in ACF uniform at a gay wedding...
  13. I've nothing against the ACF and you'll see from the other thread, I'm not terribly fussed that some choose to wear 1's at a wedding. Just find it a bit sad if they are doing it to 'pretend' to be real soldiers really.

    Poofs openly parading in rig is a different matter. Since when has your sexuality been a reason to parade? If we asked for a 'Straight Pride' march, would we be allowed to claim duty rates? Fucking doubt it and it would be seen as 'homophobic'. As I've said before; if youre a poofter then its fine if you keep it behind closed doors and dont make a big fucking deal out of it. Mince around like an extra from a Village People video on a political 'gay mincers' parade and you should be riddiculed for making the Army look like a bunch of cunts.
  14. What he said
  15. Agreed.