Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by webrat00, Jul 3, 2004.

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  1. Current rumour - they are bring a sort of barrack dress back because combats cost to much.

  2. Ah, well that just highlighted my ignorance. I thought barrack-dress was more expensive than combat uniform. Why else would they have cut it out (or reduced it, i really do not know) in the first place?
  3. Aaahhh, barrack dress. Those lovely shiny plastic trousers that cause you to sweat so much and that stick to your legs in a fire.

    And after ironing them for a few months, they can blind others on a sunny day!

    So is it the old style or a new design?
  4. I thought lightweight trousers and No 2's shirt was now classed as bk dress!
  5. I thought so too, and it looks so cool as well - honest :?
  6. Ive heard that the new barrack dress is lightweighr trs without map pocket and No 2 shirt ( does any one have a shirt that fits???) :roll:
  7. What happened to shirt combat they are harder wearing than shirt No 2,talking about barrack dress,seen last week , A WO2 of the local BSTT with shirt sleeves "cut Off"on cs 95, what an example to set the young soldiers 8O 8O 8O and whats wrong with the issue shoes for Barrack dress,
    Scouse G
  8. Issue shoues !! Are you a maschocisist ( Hey im dislexic) Id rather wear hob nail clogs. Talking about footwear I had a pair of boots on trial for jungle use , trialed them in Borneo. Shite at being jungle boots thay are but fantastic camp boots . Three years seeing the sharp end of an accelerator pedal and the best JHQ carpet Just like me slippers, Belting :D
  9. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Did anyone here get any of the last issue of GS shirts, similar to No2 but green, and the lightweight's that didn't have a map pocket? Mine are still in the wardrobe.
  10. MASOCHIST CALLING SLIPPERS!! fc all wrong with issue shoues(shoes) better than the george boots i,vegot 'kin things really do cripple me , got nothing to do with rthe fact that they are a size too small
    8) 8) 8) :lol:
  11. most certainly did, not seen for a few years but must be around somewhere though doubful if they would fit me now. :wink:
  12. i am in he army cadets and our normal dress is lightweights at our det. Most cadets now have the type without a map pocket. We also get the new type gs shirts but they make you sweat and chaf your neck but they do look smarter.
    WE dont get barrack dress any more but i do think the army has gone down hill with uniform. wearing 95s in barracks is completeley pointless and looks stupid.
    It is a shame 2 see cadets looking smarter then the TA on remembrance day.
    Bring back barrack dress but not the old plastic type
  13. Young Man,

    My Dog looks smarter than the TA on Remebrance Day :roll:
  14. My RSM recently returned from the RSM's Seminar at Sandhurst - apparently they were all briefed that CS95 in barracks was out wef 2005, and in-barracks uniform would be a new issued form of Service Dress (1 jacket and 2 pairs of trousers), and a new style shirt.

    Oh - how I miss my good old KF shirt, perhaps if we ask nicely we can have those brought back. Any takers .... ?
  15. KF Shirts were good, once "broken in", itchy as fcuk though when new. Piece of p1ss to iron as well which was a bonus.