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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by will85, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. will85

    will85 Swinger

    hi all im currently in the mpgs and im getting wed in sept this year and i would like to do so in uniform i have contacted worthy down but told they have no seconds in the sizes me n my mate want . they have told us to go to our local camp an get some ???? but before going down the route of invadin some military bases to ask for uniform(no.1 's) incidently i thought i read some where about a place where i could hire uniform for the day but am unsure were iv seen it . also they wont order in new blues for either ???? hope u lotcan help as its gettin close now
  2. Ex-Minden

    Ex-Minden Clanker

    You can hire No1's, from the master tailors in Tidworth. They are all held there now and owned by him. I dont have his number anymore, but will have a look around. Hope this helps.
  3. will85

    will85 Swinger

    its sorted now mate thanks very much incidently his name is hills military tailors ive got his mobile number if anyone needs it
  4. davidpm

    davidpm Crow

    Please can you send me the contact details for Hills military tailors. I am looking to hire a set of number 1s also, but I am having a little trouble finding a suitable set of number 1s. My email is david.mccarten@crc-group.com.

  5. boris7

    boris7 Crow

    Got a old set of BD....post national service...including tin of issue Brasso for boot steel plates!
  6. davidpm

    davidpm Crow

    Thanks. I am after an RLC set of number 1s, my lot dont have the right size, and I would reallly like a set to get married in or I will have to settle for my set of number 2s.
  7. RougeCap

    RougeCap Crow

    Hill's Military Tailor's Number: 01980 602885